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Fukushima fallout not affecting U.S.-caught fish

The new revelations about the amount of water leaking from the Fukushima plant have caused a stir in the international community and led to additional scrutiny of Pacific Ocean seafood.... Read more»

Japan marks 6 months since tsunami

Six months after an earthquake and tsunami left 20,000 dead or missing and sparked a nuclear crisis in Japan, Japanese marked the tragedy with a minute of silence.... Read more»

Japanese PM Naoto Kan calls it quits

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is stepping down as the leader of his party, clearing the way for the country's sixth premier in five years.... Read more»

Comic: Japan

Nuclear brainstorming

Radiation leaks from damaged nuclear reactor cores at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station look to be a long term problem for Japan... and the world.... Read more»

Post-tsunami, Japan prays for resolution to nuclear crisis

I returned last night from the tsunami zone in northern Japan, where the recovery is underway. The nuclear power plant issue, on the other hand, remains a concern. What we who live in the Tokyo area are wondering is when the reactors will be under control, or if. ... Read more»3