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AG: Az opioid firm fraudulently promoted over-prescribing of drug

Arizona on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Chandler-based opioid firm alleging that they participated in fraudulent practices that led to overprescription of a powerful opioid drug.... Read more»

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Notario fraud: Preying on those who seek help with immigration paperwork

This common problem for immigrants is committed by individuals called notarios who falsely claim to have the qualifications to offer legal counsel or file paperwork related to immigration proceedings. As a result, immigrants often find out their paperwork was filed incorrectly, or not at all, after they’ve paid hefty legal fees.... Read more»

Appeals court upholds Renzi racketeering conviction

The federal circuit court rejected claims by Renzi and associate James Sandlin that the evidence against them was insufficient. Renzi was convicted in 2013 of shifting money from his insurance firm to his campaign and trying to engineer a land deal in exchange for supporting legislation.... Read more»1

Caribbean go-between provided shelter for far-away frauds

The tangled trail of the Magnitsky Affair, a case that’s strained U.S.-Russian relations and blocked American adoptions of Russian orphans, snakes through an offshore haven in the Caribbean.... Read more»

Ex-loan officer indicted for wire fraud

A former loan officer and Tucson resident has been charged with fraud and making false statements on loan applications in a case involving $1.4 million in home loans.... Read more»

Elder abuse often in the form of self-neglect

Almost 1,300 cases of elder abuse were investigated in Pima County in 2011. More than half were cases of self-neglect. ... Read more»

Gila River man gets probation for embezzlement

A former Gila River council member was sentenced Thursday to five years probation,100 hours of community service and was ordered to pay $38,893 in restitution for embezzling from a tribal organization.... Read more»

Tucson man indicted on mortgage fraud charges

A former Tucson loan officer has been indicted on fraud charges stemming from allegations he was involved in a "cash back" mortgage scam.... Read more»

Az to get $1.6B in foreclosure settlement

Arizona will receive $1.6 billion of a $25-billion multistate settlement with five banks over mortgage lending practices and foreclosures, giving many borrowers some relief, the state Attorney General's Office announced Thursday.... Read more»1

BBB: Phishing scam calls seek credit card info

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is warning of phones calls coming from 718-683-3104, claiming there's a problem with the call recipient's credit card, and that action must be taken to keep the account open.... Read more»

Appeals court OKs Renzi corruption case

A federal appeals court Thursday rejected former U.S. Rep. Richard Renzi's claim that his legislative position should protect him from prosecution on charges of fraud and corruption.... Read more»

TEP warns customers of credit card fraud calls

Tucson Electric Power is warning customers be wary of callers who pretend to represent the company in fraudulent efforts to obtain credit card information.... Read more»

Banking scandal: 'Why haven't we seen any convictions yet?'

There is growing evidence that fraud was at the heart of the current financial crisis. But so far, no high-level bank executives have been hauled off to jail. ... Read more»

Social networking

Classmates.com settles suit over fake emails

Classmates.com could pay up to $9.5 million to subscribers to settle a lawsuit that accused the social network sending fake emails from former classmates in an effort to get more subscribers.... Read more»


FTC watchdog to mortgage 'rescue' fraudsters: 'I want to put you in jail'

As many Americans sank deeper into financial trouble last year, a record number reported that they fell victim to schemes seeking to profit from their misfortune. “I want to shut you down,” an FTC watchdog said of the schemers. “I want to take every penny you have and I want to send you to jail.”... Read more»

Browser security

Google spy drama may mean big Microsoft dollars

The script for an interesting new technology soap opera is writing itself in real-time.... Read more»

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