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Transgender soldiers say ban will backfire, but Pentagon defends policy

Transgender troops face an uncertain future awaiting a final court ruling on the Trump Administration's ban of transgender troops enlisting or being booted after they are diagnosed. ... Read more»

Cochise County economy lags as Ft. Huachuca jobs plunge

Fort Huachuca, the U.S. Army base that has been at the center of the Cochise County’s life since frontier days, has seen its work force drastically cut over the past decade, resulting in an economic downturn in the area.... Read more»

Az will see only a fraction of Army’s 40,000 job cuts

Arizona may have averted disaster in the Army’s plan to trim 40,000 jobs, but the announcement that Fort Huachuca will lose 114 positions over the next two years still is “not welcomed news,” officials said this week.... Read more»

Federal shutdown: Az military bases furlough at least 2,000

Arizona's military bases have furloughed at least 2,000 employees and curtailed services due to the partial shutdown of the federal government. However, officials say training and other essential operations will continue.... Read more»

Memorial Day events

Tucson and the region will honor its fallen soldiers with a parade and ceremonies for Memorial Day.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Preserve military bases in land swaps

A state lawmaker wants to give voters a second chance to approve land exchanges that allow the preservation of military installations.... Read more»

Feds list 2 Az fish as endangered

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service downgraded two fish species to endangered Thursday, designating more than 700 miles of Arizona and New Mexico waterways as critical habitat in the process.... Read more»

Army's quest for the 'perfect' radio failing troops

Overly ambitious, poorly managed and saddled by incompatible goals, a program to create a single field radio that included testing on Fort Huachuca burned through $6 billion dollars while producing little working hardware. Another $11 billion was spent on old radios for the wars.... Read more»

3 with Az ties honored in Pentagon 9/11 memorial

The Pentagon's 9/11 memorial, opened in 2008 as the first national 9/11 memorial, is a field of 184 cantilevered stone-and-steel benches, each arcing above a pool of running water.Each bench is inscribed with the name of a victim of the Pentagon attack, including three with Arizona ties: Allen P. Boyle, David M. Scales and David W. Laychak.... Read more»

Aerostat balloon crashes in Sierra Vista

A giant balloon used to combat cross-border smuggling crashed in Sierra Vista on Monday, officials at Fort Huachuca said. The aerostat, a tethered blimp-like balloon that carries surveillance radar aloft at 10,000 feet, broke loose and was grounded in a Sierra Vista neighborhood. (updated with add'l photos)... Read more»

Proposition 110

Land swaps would preserve bases, aid conservation, supporters say

Supporters say a ballot proposition designed to make it easier to swap rather than sell or lease state trust land would help facilitate agreements that preserve military installations.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Prop.100 choice between education and prisons

We don't really have much of a choice when it comes to the Proposition 100 vote. Would you rather pay a temporary 1-cent sales tax to educate children and fund public safety or a permanent property tax to pay for more jail cells?... Read more»