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‘Our fish’: Dedicated biologists scour Colorado River to help endangered species survive

Since 1988, recovery programs for endangered Colorado River fish have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, funded by a mix of hydropower revenues and the Interior Department. Biologists say the effort is beginning to pay off.... Read more»

Feds propose recovery plan for endangered Southwestern fish

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed a recovery plan Tuesday for the endangered Gila chub that seeks to reduce threats from nonnative species and protect the fish’s degraded habitat in Arizona and New Mexico.... Read more»

Bid to regulate fish poisons draws fire from environmental groups

The author of a bill that would require officials to conduct impact studies and notify residents before using aquatic poisons to control non-native fish says the human health risks associated with these chemicals call for regulations.... Read more»

Endangered species status, habitat proposed for Az fish

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday proposed listing a small freshwater fish as an endangered species and setting aside almost 300 miles of Arizona and New Mexico streams as critical habitat for the Zuni bluehead sucker.... Read more»

Imported fish with banned chemicals reaching U.S. tables

Tons of imported fish laced with chemicals banned from the U.S. food supply, including carcinogens, are routinely showing up in this country and, state officials say, winding up on American dinner plates. ... Read more»

Fish on Friday

Waters murky for fast-food fish

Navigating the waters of sustainable seafood seems daunting at first glance: Exactly which species lurks beneath the breading and between those sesame-seeded buns? How was it caught? Where did it come from? There's an app for that.... Read more»

Feds propose listing two fish species as endangered

Federal authorities plan to designate nearly 800 miles of critical habitat for two threatened fish species in the Southwest, and change the status of the fish – the spikedace and loach minnow – from "threatened" to "endangered."... Read more»

Small Tonto Forest fish barrier could have large impact on ecology

Non-native aquatic species such as crayfish, mosquitofish and bullfrogs may threaten the ecological balance in the Tonto National Forest, leading the Salt River Project to construct a barrier on Lime Creek to prevent them from traveling farther upstream.... Read more»