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Donald Trump and the return of seditious libel

This year, for the first time since at least Richard Nixon, the leader of one of our major political parties has pledged to limit press freedom by restricting criticism of his prospective rule.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s showdown at the civil rights corral

Will Sheriff Joe Arpaio finally get what’s coming to him? He went on trial Thursday in federal court, charged with violating the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. With the nation focused on whether Mitt Romney is a tax cheat, Barack Obama is a socialist, and George Zimmerman’s IQ is below 80, you may have missed the news.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

How the Supreme Court ruined your child’s civics education

You might be shocked to learn what your child believes about free speech.... Read more»

Demonstrators beware: You won't be seen or heard

Cities’ use of “spatial tactics” such as exclusion zones at upcoming political conventions and this weekend's NATO summit risks muffling dissent, critics say.... Read more»5

Access Tucson to celebrate free speech with humor

The First Amendment will be the star of the show Wednesday when Access Tucson celebrates free speech with comedy featuring two hometown talents.... Read more»

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U.S. Constitution: Bishops don’t get a veto

While Catholic bishops try to steamroll the Constitution, Republicans gleefully follow behind.... Read more»13

Judges: Texas can enforce sonogram law

A panel of federal appellate judges has authorized Texas officials to enforce a controversial abortion sonogram law while its constitutionality is being challenged in court. ... Read more»


Just how much can the state restrict a peaceful protest?

If the First Amendment guarantees the right to peaceable assembly, why do peaceful protesters keep getting arrested — and sometimes pepper-sprayed and beaten up? We take a closer look at the laws governing protests and how the government can limit them.... Read more»10

Guest opinion

As social media grow, so does First Amendment appreciation

Each year, on Constitution Day, students and teachers celebrate the most fundamental laws of our republic. This year, they should celebrate Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and all other social media children of the digital age. (with video)... Read more»

AP warns staffers over Facebook and Twitter usage

In a move criticized as a threat to First Amendment rights, the Associated Press news organization issued a warning to staffers about expressing their opinions on Twitter and Facebook, as an unknown number did after New York Senate vote on gay marriage and on the Casey Anthony trial.... Read more»

To those who agreed we needed a Bill of Rights: Thanks

Considering that in many parts of the world there are people risking their livelihoods and even their lives to get some measure of the freedoms we have every morning when we awake, we should say "thanks" for them often... Read more»

Experts: Argue all you want, N.Y. mosque project on firm legal ground

For all the anger, political strategizing and stabs in the heart that the plans to build a Muslim community center near ground zero may have brought about, land-use and zoning experts say opponents of the project have very little legal basis on which to rest their argument.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Dave Weigel story: Free speech is dead, part II

Smart v. Stupid: When one of the nation’s most venerable newspapers gets it so wrong on free speech, one worries who might be left to speak up for personal liberty.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Free speech is dead

Smart v. Stupid: You probably never heard of Dave Weigel, a short-timer at The Washington Post who was forced out for expressing his personal opinion about conservatives (like Matt Drudge) in private emails. But his case marks the final nail in the coffin for freedom of speech in America.... Read more»