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Cuba: 8 great stories to help you understand what's going on

It’s a busy time of year for a big news story to break. But we've got you covered. Here's what you need to know about what's going on in Cuba:... Read more»

Cuban expats are celebrating — the ones in Mexico, that is

Mexico has one of the biggest Cuban immigrant communities after the US. Many are happy Obama's restoring diplomatic relations with Havana, and hoping for an end to the trade embargo.... Read more»

The truth about America’s Mandela policy

As the world mourns Nelson Mandela, international leaders, including US President Barack Obama, gathered in Johannesburg to honor the legacy of the South African freedom fighter and reconciliation icon. Obama eulogized Mandela as “the last great liberator of the 20th century.” But Washington has not always praised South Africa’s first black president in this way.... Read more»

Raul Castro says he'll retire by 2018

His words on retirement came just hours after he was granted another five-year term by the National Assembly.... Read more»

Will Calderón strike a nerve in Havana?

Mexican President Felipe Calderón's trip to Cuba may do more to highlight the ongoing estrangement between the two countries than it will their historic ties.... Read more»

Pope celebrates Mass, meets Castro in Cuba

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass and met with Fidel Castro on Wednesday in Havana, Cuba.... Read more»

New Castro memoir recalls rebel’s life in Mexico

The events of Fidel Castro's 18 months in Mexico during the mid-1950s receive expansive treatment in the new two-volume, 1,000-page memoir “Guerrillero del Tiempo."... Read more»


More factual fouls in latest Fla. GOP debate

The four GOP presidential candidates met for yet another debate. This one, the final debate prior to Florida's Jan. 31 primary, brought out false claims about immigration, health care, President Obama and terrorists seeking missile bases in Cuba.... Read more»

Hugo Chavez images released amid cancer speculation

The governments of Venezuela and Cuba released images late Tuesday of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to show that the socialist leader is recovering from an operation amid speculation that he has prostate cancer. ... Read more»

Unpublished 'Che' Guevara diary released in Cuba

A previously unpublished diary that Ernesto "Che" Guevara kept during the guerrilla campaign that brought Fidel Castro to power in 1959 has been released in Cuba, according to the Guardian.... Read more»

Let there be bytes

Cubans look forward to ringing in the digital age

New undersea fiberoptic cable is due to go online this summer and once Cuban authorities finally turn on the juice, bandwidth capacity for the least-connected country in the hemisphere will leap by a factor of 3,000.... Read more»

Is the border vulnerable to terrorists?

A top advisor to President Barack Obama conceded last week that terrorists seeking to unleash havoc in the United States could use Texas’ porous border with Mexico to enter this country.... Read more»

Hundreds of Mexicans seek shelter near border

Eleven blocks from the border, hundreds of destitute Mexicans are gathered in a shelter, escaping what they fear is certain death. ... Read more»2

The return of Fidel

Fidel Castro’s return has been almost as complete as his absence. When he fell ill and nearly died four years ago, Castro disappeared from public view entirely. Now he’s back, and once more an everyday fixture in Cuban homes, as tv cameras track his campaign to warn of a coming nuclear war.... Read more»