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Deadline: Tuesday is last day to register to vote in Arizona

Half of Americans don't vote in midterm elections. Signing up online or checking that your address is current is easy in Arizona. Do it before the Oct. 9 deadline.... Read more»

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What the Devil won't tell you

Allow me to retort: Latinos, money & local Dems

Latinos can cross over, no matter what the party sachems say and yes, money matters. Let me show you how to buy a revolution for the price of a latte per month.... Read more»

Study: Arizona ranks 43 in voter turnout; minorities, youth & poor participate least

Voter participation is eroding across the U.S. and the situation in Arizona is a crisis, according to a study by ASU. The poor, minorities and young adults who would benefit the most by voting are the very groups that participate the least.... Read more»

Both Reid Park zoo props pass in updated election results

After being split in the first count, both of the initiative measures that would create a 1/10-cent Tucson sales tax to fund zoo improvements passed as updated tallies were released Thursday afternoon. Plus, complete election numbers. ... Read more»

Democrats sweep Tucson Council races, Strong Start losing 2-1

The trio of Democrats seeking election to the Tucson City Council were handily ahead in early returns, and the Prop. 204 Strong Start Tucson measure was losing 2-1. Councilman Steve Kozachik and Richard Fimbres were reelected, and Paul Durham won a vacant seat. ... Read more»

Ballot mailing deadline past; turn in votes in person

Voters in Tucson, Oro Valley and several area school districts should drop their ballots off by hand if they didn't mail them by Wednesday. Three early voting sites are open through Monday, with polls open in OV and a handful open in Tucson on Tuesday.... Read more»

Don't believe the hype: Tuesday deadline to register to vote in Tucson, school elections

Despite what you may have been told, the deadline to register to vote in next month's general election in Tucson, Oro Valley and several school districts is midnight on Tuesday. You can register online or check your current registration at ServiceArizona.com.... Read more»

Trump taunts states, like Arizona, that denied voter data to task force

Arizona election officials had sharp words for President Trump after he suggested that states that are withholding voter information from his commission have something to hide. “We could say the same thing about him,” shot back Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez. “What is he hiding in his taxes?”... Read more»

Arizona won't turn over voter rolls to Trump; Reagan invokes 'best interests of state'

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has shifted course, telling the Trump administration that she won't provide information on the state's voters. Friday, she'd indicated that she would provide the same set of data that would be released under a normal public records request.... Read more»1

From the editor

Here's why it's vital to hand your voter info over to Trump

Here are a few facts, rather than fervent partisan spin, on the request for voter data by the Trump administration, as there's some stiff competition going for the most uninformed knee-jerk Democratic over-reaction. This information is a public record, and should be released to anyone who asks for it.... Read more»3

Monday deadline to register to vote in Tucson sales tax election

The deadline to register to vote in next month's special election on a half-cent city sales tax is midnight on Monday, April 17. You can register online or check your current registration at ServiceArizona.com.... Read more»

Secretary of State floats overhaul of Az election laws

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has begun circulating a memo detailing a proposed overhaul of the laws governing virtually every aspect of how elections are conducted in Arizona, from data protocols and recount procedures, to “sore loser” candidates and voter fraud investigations.... Read more»

Most Pima provisional ballots validated; counting continues

Some 14,000 provisional ballots remained to be added to Pima County vote totals Friday, after they were verified and turned over to the Elections Department to be counted. About 85 percent of local provisional ballots were found to be valid after review by the County Recorder's Office.... Read more»

Still thousands of ballots left to tally in Pima County

Although they're unlikely to affect the outcome of any races, local election officials are still counting ballots: about 20,000 provisionals remain to be added to the totals in Pima County. In Maricopa County, about 45,000 remained.... Read more»

Return mail-in ballots by Thursday

If you have a mail-in ballot to return, officials warn that you should mail it back by Thursday for it to be counted in next week's election. Or, you can hand it in at an early voting site, or at any polling place on Election Day. Here's the list of where you can drop off ballots or vote in person before next Tuesday:... Read more»

Early voting sites open in Pima County

If you have a mail-in ballot you'd like to hand in, or if you want to cast your vote before Election Day, a number of early voting sites are open across Pima County. Here's the list of where you can vote in person before next Tuesday:... Read more»

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