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Nearly $100 million in campaign cash sits idle

As Sen. Evan Bayh prepared to quit Congress, he called on all Americans to embrace a “spirit of devotion to the national welfare beyond party or self-interest” and declared his “passion for service to our fellow citizens is undiminished.” Four years later, the Indiana Democrat controls nearly $10 million in surplus campaign cash he could, by law, invest in charities — something other former politicos have done.... Read more»

Factcheck: GOP State of the Union response

Ryan and Bachmann made two new false claims, and repeated other talking points, in their responses to the president's State of the Union address.... Read more»

Fact check: Debatable claims, ambitious promises in SOTU

We found no outright false factual claims in Obama’s State of the Union address, but we did note some that were arguable, and some promises that may prove unrealistic.... Read more»

FactCheck.org: Anti-health care efforts continue misleading claims

As the election draws near, some conservative groups are making ever-wilder claims about the new health care law.... Read more»