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emperor penguin

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Is Happy Feet the penguin dead?

The young emperor penguin, Happy Feet, who showed up in New Zealand and quickly became an international celebrity might have been eaten alive after being released into the ocean in August. ... Read more»

'Happy Feet' the penguin gets help from top surgeon

One of New Zealand's top surgeons volunteered to operate on the young penguin from Antarctica that appeared in the country last week and has since captivated the world.... Read more»

Penguin lost in New Zealand offered ride home

As Happy Feet got treated at the zoo hospital, New Zealand investment adviser Gareth Morgan offered to take the penguin, who lost its way swimming and ended up on a New Zealand beach, by boat to Antarctica next February. (with video)... Read more»

Young penguin gets lost, ends up in New Zealand

A young penguin apparently got lost while swimming near Antarctica and ended up 2,000 miles away on a New Zealand beach.... Read more»