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Weekend music

Tucson becomes eclectic: Emilie Marchand and WestOasis

Emilie "Lola Torch" and WestOasis lead the pack of diverse and eclectic shows this week, plus, weekly listings and more in your TucsonSentinel.com music roundup. ... Read more»

Under the influence

Tasha Sabatino drums in the name of love

In the first installment of 'Under the influence,' drummer Tasha Sabatino discusses sad songs, Mo Tucker and jazz greats, and reveals a heart full of soul.... Read more»


Preen crosses 4th Avenue underpass

Emilie Marchand and Erin Bradley gave birth to their baby Preen, a vintage boutique, in the summer of 2007 on Congress Street. As of Wednesday they have moved their "baby" into their new space at 210 N. Fourth Avenue.... Read more»