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DuVal concedes; Ducey is Arizona’s next governor

Republican Doug Ducey will be Arizona’s next governor. With Ducey holding a commanding lead, Democrat Fred DuVal has conceded the race.... Read more»1

Prop 122 on rejecting ‘unconstitutional’ federal laws too close to call

Proposition 122, which calls for Arizona to deny use of its money and personnel for federal laws and rules the state deems unconstitutional, was too close to call Tuesday night.... Read more»


Uncounted votes: The racially discriminatory effects of provisional ballots

A first-of-its-kind analysis of county-level 2012 election data finds that, in 16 states, voters in counties with a higher percentage of minorities cast provisional ballots at higher rates.... Read more»4

Comic: Bermudez Shorts

This election, everyone's a moderate

Today is Election Day, so don’t forget to vote. One of the most exciting races is that in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District between incumbent Ron Barber and Martha McSally.... Read more»

McSally walks back plan to bar press from election party

When the time comes Tuesday night for Martha McSally to face the music and learn the fate that voters have cast for her, she will be facing the press after all. The three-time congressional aspirant had plans to give reporters the boot from her election-night party, but reversed course late Monday after numerous news organizations protested.... Read more»6

Election 2014 by the numbers

A money-in-politics index from the Center for Public Integrity.... Read more»


Final week spin for campaign ads

With the midterm elections this week, many campaigns and outside groups are making their final appeals. And, as has been the case all election season, some of the claims miss the mark.... Read more»

Report: Latino voting power continues to increase in Arizona

Latino voters in Arizona are steadily increasing their impact on elections, according to a report released Thursday by the voter-registration group One Arizona.... Read more»

Still have your early ballot? Make sure your vote is counted

Like 60 percent of Arizona voters, Jeff McMahon, a Democrat from Tempe, is on Arizona’s permanent early voting list. Unlike a large percentage of early voters, McMahon is vigilant about walking his early ballot to the post office at least a couple of weeks before Election Day. The Secretary of State’s Office named Thursday as the “deadline” for mailing in early ballot so they will arrive in time.... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Goddard: Dark money tries to deceive seniors

The 60 Plus Association describes itself as a “non-partisan seniors advocacy group,” but like anything involving dark money, what they say is far from true. 60 Plus is a major player in the fight for Social Security privatization. That proposal was the brainchild of hedge fund managers who would profit from privatization and who write big checks to political organizations, not seniors who rely on Social Security.... Read more»

Factcheck: 2014 campaign whoppers

By the time the last polling booth closes on Nov. 4, a staggering amount of money — $4 billion, by one estimate — will have been spent on the midterm elections. What did all that money buy? A lot of false and misleading TV ads.

... Read more»

Medical marijuana backers launch effort to OK recreational use

The Marijuana Policy Project is pushing to have voters to decide in 2016 whether to legalize the recreational use of the drug. In 2010, the group led a successful effort to legalize medical marijuana.... Read more»1

After 23 years in Congress, Pastor savors victories large and small

Observers say Rep. Ed Pastor’s legacy can be measured in projects he brought to the state, like light rail, as well as people he helped. That’s just how Pastor, retiring this year, hopes to be remembered.... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Barber: Personal freedoms include gay marriage, abortion rights

We believe that everyone in our community has the right to live the life they want without the government, politicians or their employer interfering in their personal decisions. In Southern Arizona, we stand by our values. That’s why I am fighting to preserve a woman’s right to make her most personal health care decisions and to ensure that all Southern Arizonans have the right to marry the one they love.... Read more»3

From the editor

Calling candidate commentaries: Pols' op-eds wanted

Local political candidates are welcome to submit guest opinion pieces for publication. Here’s what we’re looking for, and what we’re not.... Read more»5

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