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FactCheck: Ben Carson on nonprofit failures

Ben Carson said “9 out of 10 nonprofits fail.” Yet data on nonprofits show that half of the organizations that received their tax-exempt status 20 years ago were still considered active by the IRS in 2015.... Read more»

McCain and Kirkpatrick fundraising off to fast start in what could be a costly campaign

The two front-runners for Arizona’s 2016 Senate race have raised nearly $6 million between them, a new reports show.... Read more»1

FactCheck: The Oregon shooting and gun-free zones

In the wake of the mass shooting at an Oregon community college, Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates claimed that the school was a “gun-free zone.” That’s not exactly accurate.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Tucson stumped by 'Before-After Paradigm'

Well, city honchos almost made it a month without having to mutter to one another, “Do you think anyone will notice?” I'll make it easier on you, city of Tucson. If you tell your kids, no desert until after you eat your vegetables and the kids are wolfing down pie with their green beans untouched, the "Before-After Paradigm" has been violated.... Read more»

Missing proposition pamphlets put city elections in question

With the city of Tucson missing state-mandated deadlines to mail publicity pamphlets about propositions on the ballot, whether the outcome of the charter-change and red-light camera questions at the polls will be legally binding may be in question. Officials pointed a finger at the outside vendor for the late mailing.... Read more»1

City Council forum set for Tuesday night

It might be a bit overshadowed by the Clinton-Sanders face-off and baseball playoff games, but you just might find some fireworks tonight in Tucson. League of Women Voters events are usually as sedate as can be, but the Republican challengers in Tucson's City Council races are working to raise their profiles as early balloting has begun.... Read more»1

FactCheck: Sanders misleads on Social Security

Sen. Bernie Sanders repeats a Democratic talking point in saying that Social Security hasn’t contributed “one penny” — or “one nickel” — to the deficit. In fact, it contributed $73 billion to the deficit in 2014.... Read more»

Thousands attend Sanders rally in Tucson

A crowd of more than 11,000 overwhelmed the Reid Park amphitheater as they gathered Friday night to hear Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders deliver a powerful speech against Wall Street and congressional Republicans. He also promoted comprehensive immigration reform and deferred action. ... Read more»5

In red-state Arizona, fervent supporters await Bernie Sanders visit

Republican-dominated Arizona might seem like an unlikely place for left-leaning Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to garner support, but the Arizonans who do back the Vermont senator are fervent.... Read more»1

FactCheck: Clinton and the Benghazi reports

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said all of the government investigations into the terrorist attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi concluded that “nobody did anything wrong.” That’s not exactly accurate.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Bond election: Transportation a path toward Tucson's future

Jim Kelley: Living in Pima County's District 2, Legislative District 2 and Congressional District 3 gives me a unique perspective of the transportation issues in Southern Arizona. It may seem heretical for a Republican to advocate for the Pima County bonds but I do for conservative reasons.... Read more»2

Trump attacks Bush on sanctuary cities

Donald Trump says that “the state of Florida had sanctuary cities while Jeb Bush was governor,” and “nobody said anything.” But we could find no evidence that any Florida city or county fit the bill of a sanctuary city at that time, at least not officially.... Read more»

Presidential candidates woo Iowa voters, not donors

Donors big and small alike are pulling out their wallets in Iowa to support their candidates for the 2016 presidential election, but their contributions amount to little more than a drop in the bucket. “When candidates come to Iowa, fundraising is not their primary purpose. This isn’t where the big bucks are, this is where the caucus-goers are."... Read more»

Hopefuls Babeu & Gowan enter crowded GOP field for open CD1

The Republican primary field in the race for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District got more crowded Monday, setting the stage for a competitive GOP primary reminiscent of the bruising 2012 campaign for the same seat. State House Speaker David Gowan and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu threw their hats in the ring.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Open space bonds: An unnecessary good

Answering the question, "Are the open space bonds necessary?," requires a bit of storytelling about a bygone era. For all the complaining done about local government in Pima County, the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan was the high-water mark for community-based compromise that led to a policy that works for parties traditionally at each other's jugulars.... Read more»2

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