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Capitol roundup: Elections, protests, arrests, DCS and bill updates

A bill that prohibits the release or deportation of undocumented immigrants before serving at least 85 percent of sentence for crimes was signed by Gov. Ducey on Thursday, while a bill which allows people with an out-of-state driver’s license to purchase alcohol with a vertical ID for as long as it is valid still needs his signature... Read more»

Border Patrol union endorses Trump for president

The national union that represents more than 16,000 agents of the United States Border Patrol issued its first-ever endorsement of a presidential candidate on Wednesday by throwing its support behind Republican Donald Trump. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

How the GOP can lose the City Council forever

Ward-only (only) is what Republicans want. But here's what it means: The GOP is likely to win two seats representing Tucson's East Side wards. There is no path to three. Today, the party needs four votes to control the Council. They're rejecting an election plan that would give them a path to a majority.... Read more»3

Pima count finds most provisional ballots were valid

About two-thirds of the 8,400 provisional ballots cast in last week's election in Pima County were added to the vote count after they were verified, officials said. The largest group were filled out by voters who had received a mail-in ballot but not returned it.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Beard: Election snafus, poor voter education & right to vote — What’s missing?

In our rush to assign blame for the snafus from last week's presidential preference eection, we should not lose sight of what voting is all about. We all may speak about the right to vote but do we remember that those Rights come with an equal share of Responsibilities? There are requirements of the citizens necessary to maintain a free society. ... Read more»1

Furious protesters ask for Arizona re-vote

Crowd seeks resignation of county recorder and accountability for other elected officials in 3 ½ hour hearing.... Read more»

As Trump nears nomination, a balancing act for other GOP hopefuls

Donald Trump’s victory in Arizona last week put him one step closer to the Republican presidential nomination, an outcome that political analysts say could spell trouble for down-ticket Republican candidates. But maybe not in Arizona’s GOP Senate race.... Read more»1

MVD glitch: Here's how updating your license can cost your vote

We looked into how Pima County's problems in Tuesday's election can be traced back to an influx of infrequent primary voters, and a confusing driver's license form that led to many registrations being switched to "independent" despite voter intentions.... Read more»

Ted Cruz shifts away from pledge to support GOP nominee

Ted Cruz is moving further than ever away from his pledge to support Donald Trump if he is the Republican presidential nominee as the Texas senator combats a series of personal attacks from the billionaire and his supporters. ... Read more»

White House petition demanding Az voting probe tops 100k signatures

A petition demanding an investigation into problems with Tuesday’s presidential primary voting in Arizona had already collected more than 100,000 signatures as of Thursday, obligating a response from the White House.... Read more»

Familiar names again top Az campaign contributor list

Of the roughly $7.4 million in individual contributions made to Arizona politics in 2015, about 10 percent came from 10 individuals or households. Longtime contributors like Jim Pederson, Bill and Alice Roe, Jerry and Marilyn Hayden, and Jim and Vicki Click again made the list of the largest political contributions.... Read more»

Trouble voting? Share your story with us

If you had problems casting a ballot in Arizona's presidential preference election, we want to know more about it. Please email us with details about your experience.... Read more»

Pima County mailing new voter cards

In what officials said was a routine move not connected with Tuesday's election, Pima County began sending out a batch of updated voter registration cards this week.... Read more»

Phx mayor calls for Justice Dep't probe of Maricopa election debacle

The outrage over the presidential preference election in Maricopa County rose to a roar Wednesday as Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton called for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate long lines in polling places and other public officials condemned Tuesday’s election as a “complete failure.”... Read more»

Voters protest in the wake of clogged Maricopa County polling places

Elected officials and members of the public on Wednesday called for action after Maricopa County voters faced a night of long lines and overwhelmed polling stations during Tuesday’s presidential preference election.... Read more»

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