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Some communities make Az centennial a year-long event

For many, Arizona’s centennial was over Feb. 14, but Nogales and other communities around the state are using the opportunity to teach Arizona’s history and ponder its future throughout 2012. (with video)... Read more»1

Tucson, Benson pair charged with causing Wallow Fire

Two Southern Arizona cousins have been charged in connection with the half-million acre Wallow Fire in May. Caleb and David Malboeu are accused of leaving a campfire unattended, causing the wildfire that burned for weeks in Arizona's mountains.... Read more»1

Wallow Fire tops 400K acres

The Wallow Fire burning in the White Mountains topped 400,000 acres overnight, authorities said. (with photo gallery)... Read more»

Wallow Fire 5 percent contained, destroys 22 homes in Greer

The Wallow Fire is now 5 percent contained, but wind-driven flames have burned 22 homes on the eastern side of Greer, and 5,000 structures are still threatened. Crews completed a fire line protecting Springerville and Eagar. (with photo gallery)... Read more»

Wallow Fire destroys 22 homes in Greer, threatening Eagar

Wind-driven flames from the Wallow Fire have destroyed 22 homes in the small White Mountains town of Greer, authorities said Thursday afternoon. Officials cut the estimate of land burned by the fire from 389,000 acres to 336,000 acres. (with photo gallery)... Read more»

Wallow Fire threatens White Mountain towns

Flames from the Wallow Fire churned through the small town of Greer on Wednesday afternoon. As high winds pushed flames down hillsides and into canyons on the northwestern flank of the blaze, officials ordered the evacuation of both Eagar and Springerville. (with photo gallery)... Read more»