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Journalists found slain in Mexico

The dismembered bodies of two photojournalists were found in Mexico’s eastern state of Veracruz Thursday, less than a week after a magazine reporter was found dead in her home in the same state.... Read more»

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Report: Border security at point of ‘diminishing returns’

A dramatic buildup of security personnel on the Southwest border has contributed to a decline in illegal immigration, but more efforts will yield “diminishing returns,” according to a report released Thursday.... Read more»5


Sex, drugs and Latin America

While violence presents a serious threat to human security, there is an equally pressing issue at hand that is rarely discussed: the health and well-being of Latin America's youth.... Read more»

Mexicans flee drug violence for refuge in U.S.

Displaced Mexicans seek refuge north of the Rio Grande after fleeing a government-sanctioned drug war in Chihuahua, where thousands have been slaughtered since 2006.... Read more»

Mexican drug kingpin gets 25 years in U.S. prison

Former leader of Mexico's Tijuana drug cartel Benjamin Arellano Felix, 58, was sentenced Monday to 25 years in U.S. prison and ordered to forfeit $100 million.... Read more»

Mexican prison riot a ruse for escape by Zetas

A Mexican prison riot in which 44 people were stabbed, strangled or beaten to death was a cover for the escape of 30 members of the Zetas drug cartel, blamed for some of Mexico's most brutal killings, investigators said.... Read more»

Mexico's drug war by the numbers

A graphic breaks down Mexico's drug war by the numbers — the victims, the weapons, the drugs and who controls them — and offers new insight into the dangerous, multi-billion-dollar industry of the drug cartels.... Read more»2

Mexico captures El Chapo's henchman

Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel’s security chief has been captured, the country’s army said Sunday. ... Read more»

More drones patrolling U.S.-Mexico border

Fear is growing that Mexico's drug war violence will spill over onto American soil and some officials are hoping that an increased reliance on unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, will help stem the tide.... Read more»

Amnesty Int'l calls on Mexican gov't to protect journalists

Amnesty International said Thursday that the Mexican government needs to do more to protect journalists from the attacks of drug cartels. The government’s failure to act, the organization said, has led to increased violence against reporters across Mexico.... Read more»

Mexican news roundup

DEA touts efforts in drug war

A roundup of news coverage from the Mexican side of the border: The Drug Enforcement Administration reports it is making headway in the war on drugs in Mexico. Another report shows that cartel operations are constantly evolving with the Sinaloa and Zetas cartels at the center of the action.... Read more»

El Narco: The big bust

Several years into this work, Daniel built up his huge case in Panama. He flew down to Central America’s skyscraper paradise, packed with businessmen and criminals from all over the planet; glitzy discos, sparkling casinos and high-class prostitutes, all in a sweltering tropical climate. ... Read more»

El Narco: Dying for nothing

Alongside other veterans, Daniel would buzz around the state in a helicopter carrying an M16 automatic rifle and raiding marijuana plantations. Most were run by Mexicans and located inside national parks and forests and included some huge farms with up to twelve thousand plants. During one bust, some thugs from Michoacan fired at them with Kalashnikovs.... Read more»

Calderon: U.S. dumping Mexican criminals at border

Mexican President Felipe Calderón says the United States is responsible for fueling violence in Mexico's border areas, because it chooses to deport criminals, rather than prosecute them.... Read more»4

Mexico's newest killers: vigilantes or thugs?

In recent months, Mexican cartels have begun posing as vigilantes, Mexican officials say. As they kill victims and dump their bodies on the streets, they say they are saving the country from antisocial criminals. (with video)... Read more»1

Holder subpoened in Fast & Furious probe

A House committee subpoenaed Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday, demanding to know what he knew about the botched Operation Fast and Furious gun-trafficking investigation and when he knew it.... Read more»

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