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Crime novel about Mexico's drug violence as painful as the true story

Do novels about the drug war glorify violence? The best-selling author of 'The Cartel' says he wrestles with the question constantly.... Read more»

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Here’s a meth cook who’s helping boost Mexico’s drug traffic to the U.S.

Meet Bernardo. The U.S. deported him to Mexico. Now he's making big money cooking crystal meth to help serve a vast American market of addicts. ... Read more»

DEA: Arizonans can provide tips on Rx drug trafficking via text, website

The DEA office in Phoenix announced TIP411, a technology allowing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others with knowledge of illegal prescription drug transactions to submit tips anonymously via text or an online form. ... Read more»

Border Patrol agents seize $1.1 million in drugs, capture 23 suspects

Border Patrol agents seized more than $1.1 million in narcotics, five vehicles, and caught 23 suspects in four incidents during the first two week July, according to a news release from the agency.... Read more»

Border corruption back in focus after guilty plea

Texas democrats are playing defense after a former border sheriff pleaded guilty to federal charges. ... Read more»

U.S. charging more immigrants with criminal offenses

The U.S. is charging more immigrants with criminal offenses, but it's not because they are committing more crimes.... Read more»

Can vigilante justice save Mexico?

With law and order stretched thin in Mexico, citizen posses have stepped up, rounding up accused drug dealers and other criminals.... Read more»

Mexican police arrested over alleged links to drug cartels

Over 150 police in the northern Mexican state of Durango have been arrested on suspicion of protecting drug traffickers.... Read more»

U.S. weapons help fuel Mexican gang violence

Lax regulation and corruption enable a flood of small arms to reach Mexico’s deadly drug cartels.... Read more»

Mexico: Drug war leaves 25,000 missing

Government documents show that nearly 25,000 adults and children have gone missing in the past six years of Mexico's drug war.... Read more»1

Mexico: Calderon’s legacy of blood and busts

Despite his military offensive, outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon couldn’t destroy the drug cartels.... Read more»

Capturing and killing Mexico's cartel kingpins: Q&A

"How can we control the madness of drug distribution and infiltration into the United States? The obvious answer is to stop US drug consumption," said Dr. Alex del Carmen, professor of Criminology. ... Read more»

Mexico arrests drug boss linked to over 300 killings

Mexico has arrested Los Zetas drug cartel leader 'The Squirrel,' who is allegedly linked to migrant massacres and the murder of a US tourist in 2010. ... Read more»

Mexico: 35 police officers arrested for drug cartel links

The Mexican navy arrested 35 police officers on Monday for alleged links to the Zetas drug cartel.... Read more»

Mexico: 16 bodies found dumped in truck in Guerrero

Police found 16 bodies dumped in a truck in Guerrero, Mexico, which showed signs of torture and are suspected to be drug violence related.... Read more»

Mexico's drug war

Mexico admits captured Sinaloa cartel 'drug lord' is car salesman

Authorities in Mexico have admitted they got the wrong guy when they claimed to have arrested the son of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, head of the Sinaloa cartel and the country's most wanted drugs lord.... Read more»1

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