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Everything you ever wanted to know about drones

Drones' surveillance power is being hyped for everything from fighting crime to monitoring hurricanes or spawning salmon. Meanwhile, concerns are cropping up about privacy, ethics and safety. ... Read more»

Supporters tout Arizona for UAV test range

A state lawmaker has championed a successful resolution that encourages Arizona to compete to host one of the unmanned aircraft test ranges to be established by the FAA.... Read more»

Defense, Homeland Security grilled on border policies

Pentagon and Homeland Security officials assured a House subcommittee Tuesday that they can continue border security despite a reduction in the National Guard.... Read more»

Poll: Most Americans support Obama's security policies

A new poll finds overwhelming approval for President Obama's national security policies among Americans.... Read more»

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

D-M drone base pushed by mayor, Giffords' office

Citing the economic impact of 280 new jobs, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild expressed support for a new drone pilot center at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on Wednesday. (with video)... Read more»1

Meet the pilots who fly America's drones

It is not at all, participants say, like waging war by Wii. Almost everyone involved with unmanned aerial systems winces when they hear their vehicles called “drones.”... Read more»

More drones patrolling U.S.-Mexico border

Fear is growing that Mexico's drug war violence will spill over onto American soil and some officials are hoping that an increased reliance on unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, will help stem the tide.... Read more»

Mayors disagree about war-zone equipment on border

Mayors of cities along the Texas-Mexico border intent on protecting the images of their communities are drawing vastly different conclusions about a proposal that would bring in equipment from overseas war zones to bolster border security efforts.... Read more»2

U.S. steps up use of drones in Pakistan

In a region ruled by tribal law and allegiances that make it difficult for even a Pakistani from outside to travel freely, it is a Wild West where normal judicial and criminal laws don’t apply, and the United States is increasingly using drones to fight the war on terror.... Read more»

Comic: Pakistan

Pentagon names 14-year-old commander of drone fleet

Sometimes you've got to call in the real experts.... Read more»

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