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Hikers discover 310-million-year-old animal prints on well-traveled Grand Canyon path

When you’re out hiking, you never know what you might see. Scientists have never bothered to look along the Bright Angel Trail for proof of pre-Jurassic life, then hikers found footprints that travel back in time a quarter billion years before dinosaurs. ... Read more»


'Citizen scientist' Stan Krzyzanowski dies at 77

In his life, he owned a flower shop, was a (legal) drug salesman, was president of Ballet Tucson, served on the Arts Council and was active in other community organizations. But what brought Stan Krzyzanowski national recognition was his work as a self-taught amateur paleontologist — he even has a dinosaur named after him.... Read more»


'Citizen scientist' discovers huge bed of dinosaur remains in Az

One chilly morning in the wilds of eastern Arizona a Tucson dinosaur hunter followed a twinkling trail and found a fountainhead of fossils. Stan Krzyzanowski even has a dinosaur named after him.... Read more»1