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Day of reckoning for parched Southwest

When it comes to water in America, this truth is self-evident: We are guzzlers from sea to shining sea. Nowhere, though, are the effects of our thirst as visible and self-destructive as they are in the Southwest, the fastest-growing and driest region of the country, where just one long and lonely river, the Colorado, must slake the needs of seven states.... Read more»

Agriculture, growth blamed for Az's groundwater depletion

Arizona has depleted its groundwater over the past 70 years enough to fill Lake Powell nearly three times, according to the first federal study of the state’s groundwater since the 1980s.... Read more»

Special report

Emergency-action plans lacking for some Arizona dams

Some Arizona dams considered to pose high or significant risk to people, property or the environment don't have updated emergency action plans on file, as required by law.... Read more»

Lawmaker wants study of rainwater harvesting

The process of collecting rainwater is nothing new; people have done it for generations. But if one lawmaker has his way, harvested rainwater may eventually be recognized and regulated as an official water source.... Read more»

Proposition 110

Land swaps would preserve bases, aid conservation, supporters say

Supporters say a ballot proposition designed to make it easier to swap rather than sell or lease state trust land would help facilitate agreements that preserve military installations.... Read more»