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How sequestration would work

Much has been written about the automatic, across-the-board budget cuts contained in the Budget Control Act of 2011, otherwise known as “sequestration,” but many critical questions remain regarding official interpretations of the legislation and how it will actually be implemented on an agency-by-agency basis.... Read more»

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Sequestration may do little to reduce the deficit

There is a right way and a wrong way to cut federal spending, but the sequestration plan about to go into effect is perhaps the most boneheaded approach that could possibly be concocted.... Read more»

Panetta defends Pakistan drone attacks

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has defended the military’s use of drones to target insurgents in Pakistan, while addressing a conference in neighboring India.... Read more»

Phx mayor: Defense cuts could be 'devastating' to region

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has acknowledged defense cuts will happen, but said the reductions would have a “devastating impact on the local economy.”... Read more»

Women soldiers sue to lift combat ban

Two female are suing the U.S. government in an attempt to lift the country's ban on women in combat.... Read more»

Former U.S. nuclear chief proposes cutting arsenal by 80%

A former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is urging that the existing American nuclear arsenal of 5000 warheads be cut by 80 percent, in an effort meant to be matched by similar reductions in the Russian arsenal.... Read more»

Pentagon limits F-22 fighter jet flights amid safety worries

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered the Air Force on Tuesday to investigate safety problems with the F-22 fighter jet and restrict missions to regions where pilots can quickly land if they experience oxygen problems.... Read more»


Time to control runaway military personnel costs

Military personnel costs have nearly doubled since fiscal year 2001. If these costs are allowed to continue rising at their current rate, they will eat through the entire defense budget by FY 2039.... Read more»

Report: Pentagon failed to protect whistleblowers

The Defense Department has inadequately protected from reprisals whistleblowers who have reported wrongdoing, according to an internal Pentagon report, and critics are calling for action to be taken against those who have been negligent.... Read more»

Littoral Combat Ship

Report darkens reputation of new Navy ship

The Navy claims the Littoral Combat Ship represents its future, but watchdogs see serious flaws in design. Test runs caused cracked hulls that forced the ship to limit its speed; engines that simply failed; and over 600 failures of equipment led to dry-dockings.... Read more»

Defense, Homeland Security grilled on border policies

Pentagon and Homeland Security officials assured a House subcommittee Tuesday that they can continue border security despite a reduction in the National Guard.... Read more»

Wounded Warrior Regiment

Hurt twice: once in war and once in treatment

A Department of Defense report said a program aimed at helping wounded Marines and sailors has resulted in terrible medical care, long delays in service and service members who felt like they were in a “petting zoo.... Read more»

F-35 takes to skies but still on the ground

Sargent Aeropace & Defense, a Marana government contractor, showed off a low-level F-35 flight simulator on Monday morning to about 50 employees and guests.... Read more»

Dupnik: Bring surplus military gear to border

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik says military equipment left over from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could help bolster security in Arizona.... Read more»

Civilians get taste of military life from Az National Guard

For the second year, the Arizona National Guard and the Arizona Coalition for Military Families have offered civilians a two-day military-immersion experience.... Read more»

Man crashes car at Afghanistan airfield as Panetta arrives

A man crashed a stolen vehicle on the runway of an Afghanistan air base as Secretary of Defense Leon Panett's plane arrived Wednesday, days after the killings of 16 civilians blamed on an American soldier.... Read more»

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