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Facts of the union

We found a few overstatements and cherry-picked numbers among the applause lines and proposals in President Obama’s State of the Union address.... Read more»

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Deficits falling (from way up)

In recent speeches, President Obama has repeatedly claimed that “our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years.” The White House says he’s referring to the decline in the deficit as a percentage of the nation’s economy from 2009 to 2012. But that’s not the “fastest rate” of deficit reduction in 60 years. It fell at a faster rate from 2004 to 2007.... Read more»


The real border war

What's more important to Republicans: cutting the deficit or boosting military spending? ... Read more»


Time to hit the reset button on fiscal debate

The federal budget has dominated the policy and political debate in Washington over the past three years. During this time, both the underlying fiscal landscape and the broader economic context for the debate have shifted in very important ways, yet the debate has remained remarkably static. Most policymakers seem to be stuck in 2010, as if nothing has changed in the years since.... Read more»

Factcheck: Spinning Obama's budget

Both parties are putting political spin on the deficit reduction contained in President Obama's $3.78 trillion budget plan.... Read more»

Factcheck: Charting Ryan's debt exaggeration

Rep. Paul Ryan exaggerates future growth of the federal debt in a chart contained in his newly released budget plan. The chart relies on Congressional Budget Office projections from last year that do not account for actions taken since then to reduce federal deficits by nearly $2 trillion over 10 years. ... Read more»

Factcheck: The sequester blame game

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner emerged from their White House meeting on sequestration blaming each other for the automatic spending cuts and misrepresenting the other side’s position:... Read more»


How thoughtful

When it comes to debt, count on politicians to "think of the children."... Read more»

FactChecking Obama’s State of the Union

The president spins his accomplishments on jobs, health care and deficit reduction in annual address.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Compact for America strikes right balance on war financing

While not perfect, state legislatures are closer to the American people and less likely to be driven by a narrow agenda to abuse the power to incur debt—or to instigate unjustifiable wars. For this reason, HB 2328 rightly puts state legislatures in the position of determining the legitimacy of any request to lift the federal debt limit.... Read more»

Arizona lawmakers ignore party lines in vote to extend debt limit

Arizona’s congressional delegation voted 7-2 this week to raise the nation’s debt limit, crossing party lines to do so and creating some unusual alliances in the process.... Read more»

McConnell fudges fiscal facts, too

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell twisted some fiscal facts in his appearances on the Sunday talk show circuit.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Pending cuts threaten Az defense industry

The Monday Political Face-Off featured commentators John Munger and Vince Rabago. Then, it's our monthly conversation with Gen. John A. Wickham, former chief of staff of the U.S. Army.... Read more»


Revenue from the fiscal cliff deal in context

Though the fiscal cliff deal passed by Congress late on New Year's Day will raise a substantial amount of new revenue over the next decade, the resulting revenue levels will still be significantly below what bipartisan experts believe we will need in the medium term and far lower than the last time the budget was balanced.... Read more»

How bad is our debt problem, anyway? And will a deal fix it?

As Washington tries to hash out a deal, we've taken a step back to break down the numbers behind our deficit — how it grew so big, why it is actually shrinking and whether a deal can bring it under control. ... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

Fiscal cliff: The continuing crisis

I have been hesitant to write about the so-called fiscal cliff, but it looks as if one of two things will happen: Either we're going off the cliff/curb/ramp, or President Obama will sell out the middle class safety net to get a deal. We don't have a debt crisis. We have an unemployment, opportunity and economic growth crisis, none of which will be addressed by the GOP austerity fetish or Obama's itchy trigger finger on "reforming entitlements."... Read more»1

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