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From Phoenix With Love

Bye-bye, Buz. Do svidanya, Dean-o.... Read more»

Buz Mills drops out of gov race, clears way for Brewer

Buz Mills dropped out of the Republican gubernatorial primary race today, saying that SB 1070 has sidetracked his campaign message. With the Prescott-area businessman leaving the race, Gov. Jan Brewer stands to take the GOP nomination nearly uncontested.... Read more»

Dean Martin bows out of gov race

State Treasurer Dean Martin quit the race for the Republican nomination for governor Friday, leaving Gov. Jan Brewer and businessman Buz Mills to battle it out.... Read more»

Immigration & SB 1070

Brewer's approval numbers climb for third consecutive month

Gov. Jan Brewer's support has gone up for the third month in a row, according to a new poll.... Read more»

Election 2010: Arizona governor

GOP governor debate video

Watch the video of Tuesday's Clean Elections debate between Gov.Jan Brewer, Matt Jette, state Treasurer Dean Martin and Buz Mills.... Read more»

Supreme Court blocks Clean Elections matching funds

The U.S. Supreme Court ordered an emergency halt to matching-funds payouts from Arizona's publicly funded Clean Elections program on Tuesday.... Read more»

Supreme Court upholds Clean Elections, Munger withdraws

John Munger has quit the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. The Supreme Court's decision Tuesday upholding Arizona's Clean Elections law forced him from the race, the Tucson attorney said.... Read more»1

Election 2010

Brewer holds lead in latest governor poll

Gov. Jan Brewer's lead in the Republican primary for governor is holding, and her chances look even better now the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced he's not running.... Read more»

Election 2010

Poll: Brewer wins in primary, unless Arpaio runs

Gov. Jan Brewer, in the wake of signing a controversial immigration law, now leads in a Republican primary, unless she's running against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. ... Read more»

Election 2010

Goddard losing ground in governor's race

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has lost ground in his race for governor.... Read more»

Election 2010

Martin, Mills lead Goddard in Az governor's race poll

Terry Goddard trails two potential Republican opponents in a survey of Arizona's gubernatorial race.... Read more»

Brewer in 3-way primary poll tie

Governor Jan Brewer is in a three-way tie in the race for the GOP gubernatorial primary, says Rasmussen Reports. Treasurer Dean Martin and political rookie Buz Mills are in the running.... Read more»2