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DuVal: Jobs plan includes tech, education, avoiding Daily Show

Increasing education spending, fostering innovation, and staying "off the Jon Stewart Show" will make Arizona an economic leader, according to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, who presented his jobs plan Friday in Tucson.... Read more»

'Flor de Muertos' captures Tucson's essence on film

Shortly after the Jan. 8th shootings, I lamented that "Tucson" would become a synonym for a tragedy, since the city hadn't distinguished itself in any other notable way. But this weekend brings a screening of an extraordinary film that not only celebrates the best of Tucson, but nails its essence for anyone who's never had the good fortune to visit here.... Read more»

Performance artists pledge to 'relive magic' at Club Congress

Before there was desert rock, there was an attraction of another sort at Tucson's Club Congress: performance art. Friday night, some of the performance artists from those days gone by will have their chance to again do their thing.... Read more»