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Rogue Theatre's 'Grapes of Wrath' an ensemble epic

The Rogue is the only theatre company in Tucson — and, I would guess, one of the few in the country — with the aesthetic sensibility, technical proficiency, resident ensemble and dramatic chops to undertake an earnest production the stage adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel.... Read more»

Rogue proclaims, 'Let England shake, rattle and roll'

Rogue Theatre’s latest, "Jerusalem," focuses on Johnny “Rooster” Byron, a hard-drinking, profane but lovable ne’er-do-well and lady’s man. Rooster’s main redeeming quality is his drug dealing, reviled by proper town folk, but also quietly relied upon by the villagers. Inspired by William Blake and a life-loving Gypsy, the play explores life in the vanishing wilds of Britain.... Read more»

The Rogue Theatre

Rogue's play 'The Night Heron' is a strange bird

“The playwright teases, torments and tantalizes the audience,” observed one audience member during the Rogue’s traditional post-show discussion with the cast and director. He added pensively, “And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”... Read more»

Rogue Theatre

Last chance to 'Journey to the West'

Rogue Theatre's sprawling epic will please those with a taste for the exotic and for spectacle.... Read more»

Rogue Theatre

Local theater Rogues travel to India

Tucson’s Rogue Theatre will perform at Jagriti, an artistic organization dedicated to English language theatre, in downtown Bangalore, a city of more than 8 million in south-central India. ... Read more»

The Rogue Theatre

Shakespeare’s shaky 'Winter’s Tale' gets some respect

The Rogue Theatre has mounted a quality budget production that Shakespeare himself might smile at for its achievements in entertainment value. "The Winter's Tale" is not great as far as Shakespeare goes, but it is Shakespeare nonetheless, still among our best literature in the last 500 years. ... Read more»

The Rogue Theatre

The sound of one hand clapping at 'New Electric Ballroom'

“The New Electric Ballroom” by Enda Walsh is a 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival prize winner, firmly in the Theatre of the Absurd tradition with Godot overtones.... Read more»

Rogue Theatre

Playwright's vision reshapes medieval 'Decameron' tales

“The Decameron” is a large work, not quite epic, but complex and multilayered. It demands the audiences’ full attention throughout. Those up to the challenge will be rewarded. ... Read more»

Rogue Theatre

Pinter's 'Old Times' a Sisyphean search for truth

Throughout the play, now on at the Rogue Theatre, Pinter circles around to the same words, activities and images he has already presented, repeating but contradicting, layering different meanings and interpretations on top of our prior notions.... Read more»1

Fine performance invigorates Ibsen's 'Ghosts'

Henrik Ibsen's 1881 recipe for drama - illicit affairs, illegitimate children, venereal disease, prostitution, even incest - form the sexual underbelly of his play "Ghosts."... Read more»1

Nāga Mandala (Play With A Cobra)

Rogue Theatre's snaking narrative meditates on reality

Watching Rogue Theatre's "Nāga Mandala (Play With A Cobra)," you understand how ancient Greeks must have felt watching the early Dionysian plays in the hills outside of Athens. Or even earlier, the emotions of people in prehistoric times as they huddled around a fire watching the re-enactment of a hunt. ... Read more»1

Theatre review

Beckett á trois at Rogue Theatre

Rogue Theatre is currently presenting three of Beckett’s short works: "Act Without Words I," "Not I," and the better known "Krapp’s Last Tape." Each features different aspects of Beckett’s spare and controversial style.... Read more»1