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The 12 (rocky) months of U.S. foreign policy

It’s been quite a year for U.S. foreign policy, with plenty of undertakings both naughty and nice.... Read more»

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The truth about America’s Mandela policy

As the world mourns Nelson Mandela, international leaders, including US President Barack Obama, gathered in Johannesburg to honor the legacy of the South African freedom fighter and reconciliation icon. Obama eulogized Mandela as “the last great liberator of the 20th century.” But Washington has not always praised South Africa’s first black president in this way.... Read more»

Edward Snowden skips flight to Havana

The whereabouts of Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked details of secret US surveillance programs, are unknown after he failed to board a flight from Moscow to Havana on Monday.

... Read more»

US releases names of 'indefinite detainees' held at Guantanamo

The United States revealed the names and nationalities of 48 Guantanamo captives considered impossible to try yet unsafe to release.... Read more»

Raul Castro says he'll retire by 2018

His words on retirement came just hours after he was granted another five-year term by the National Assembly.... Read more»

Flake joins congressional delegation to Cuba, agenda under wraps

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, long a proponent of less-restrictive relations with Cuba, is visiting the communist nation this week as part of a seven-member congressional delegation.... Read more»

Chavez returns to Venezuela, but can he govern?

The Venezuelan government’s news that Hugo Chavez is back from Cuba boosts his supporters and agitates his rivals.... Read more»1

Venezuela president

Spanish paper says Hugo Chavez on life support

Venezuela’s VP challenged rumors about Chavez’s health, while GlobalPost’s correspondent in Havana said the truth about the ailing president’s condition is unclear.... Read more»

Venezuela president

Hugo Chavez, undergoing cancer treatment, names successor

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned to Cuba to undergo more cancer treatment, and has for the first time named a successor.... Read more»

Latin American equality: Free markets or a left-wing success?

Latin America has long been a case study in the social ills brought by sharp economic inequality, its class-stratified societies marked by too few haves and too many have-nots. As the region’s middle class grows, poverty falls. But who deserves the praise?... Read more»


Wrestling no longer sport for Greeks, Romans

Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the original Olympic sports, contested in Athens in 1896 and in every Olympics since. But don’t put your money on Greeks and Romans. In this sport, it’s better to be from a former Soviet bloc country.... Read more»

Borderlands Theater

'Lidless' asks hard questions through hard-edged theatre

Winner of the 2009 Yale Drama Series Prize, the play “Lidless” follows military interrogator Alice home after her tour of duty at Guantanamo Bay. It is a confrontational play that is not easy to enjoy. That’s because it does not particularly want to be liked – it wants to viewed critically.... Read more»


Cuba policy costs Obama at Summit of the Americas

Forget the horny Secret Service agents and their Colombian hookers. It was U.S. diplomacy that really got screwed at this weekend’s Summit of the Americas in Cartagena.... Read more»

Can U.S. snuff out Latin America’s ‘legalize it’ push?

The growing backlash against the U.S.-led drug war, including bold new talk of drug decriminalization from some Latin American countries, will likely be chatter at this weekend’s Summit of the Americas.... Read more»

Pope celebrates Mass, meets Castro in Cuba

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass and met with Fidel Castro on Wednesday in Havana, Cuba.... Read more»

New Castro memoir recalls rebel’s life in Mexico

The events of Fidel Castro’s 18 months in Mexico during the mid-1950s receive expansive treatment in the new two-volume, 1,000-page memoir “Guerrillero del Tiempo.”... Read more»

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