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Not 'everybody' is covered under ACA

President Obama went too far in saying the Affordable Care Act meant “everybody” would have “basic health care.” The law doesn’t create a universal health care system, and not everyone will have insurance.... Read more»

Could pot be a cash crop for Texas?

Agriculture commissioner candidate Kinky Friedman argues that marijuana legalization is the future of Texas. But for farmers in states where growing it is legal, the crop has come with a new set of problems. But for
farmers in states where growing it is legal, the crop has come with a new set of problems.... Read more»

Texas hoping for edge over New Mexico in water battle

With the official support of the U.S. government, Texas now hopes it has a substantial edge over New Mexico in an interstate legal battle over water from the Rio Grande.... Read more»

Mayor doesn't believe D-M will close, with or without A-10

In a wide-ranging interview about the future of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said that while he does not expect the base to be closed or sharply reduced in scale as the military cuts spending, “people should always be considering Plan B, even if there’s not a lot of reality to it.”... Read more»

Catholic bishops hold mass for thousands who died crossing border

In the shadow of the border fence that divides Nogales between the United States and Mexico, Roman Catholic leaders celebrated mass on Tuesday in an attempt to highlight the fateful consequences of current U.S. immigration policies.... Read more»


Understanding immigration federalism in the U.S.

Over the past few years, the pendulum of state action on immigration has swung from punitive laws to positive laws that seek to integrate immigrants and mitigate the harsh effects of enforcement.... Read more»

Judging Obamacare: How do we know if it's a success or a failure?

Sign-ups are supposed to formally end today, and attention is shifting from marketing to measuring whether the law is meetings its goals.... Read more»

What happens next on the health law?

As the first open enrollment period draws to a close, here are seven things to watch for clues about what the health law’s future might hold.... Read more»

House Dems trying to force immigration reform vote

Democrats claim to have enough supporters in the GOP-controlled House to pass a “discharge petition” to force a vote on a reform bill that has been stalled since last summer.... Read more»

ASU dean testifies to Senate panel on teacher preparedness

The dean of Arizona State University’s teachers college told a Senate panel Tuesday that better academic performance in kindergarten through high school begins with better teacher-preparedness programs at higher education institutions.... Read more»

Justices to weigh contraceptive mandate against religious freedom claims

Two businesses are challenging the health law’s birth control coverage requirement on religious freedom grounds.... Read more»


The health care industry's campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt

Health insurers use front groups and spin doctors to sow concerns about Obamacare.... Read more»


Obamacare subscribers: Beware of high deductibles

Low premiums plans may cause sticker shock down the road for Obamacare subscribers.... Read more»

Lawmakers see little victories, big flaws in $3.9 trillion budget

Arizona’s congressional delegation had predictable reactions to the federal budget proposed last week — split on party lines. Democrats are “more likely to see value in stressing what the budget does for their district.”. Republicans, on the other hand, find that their districts are looking for a “dumping on ‘big-spending’ Obama” tack.... Read more»

Brown out: Ends CD1 bid, enters CD2 race

Republican congressional hopeful Jim Brown has wound up his campaign for CD1 before it ever started, and announced his intention to run against Martha McSally and Shelley Kais to be the GOP candidate to challenge U.S. Rep. Ron Barber in CD2. “I’ll have to make up for a lot of lost ground,” said Brown, who first filed to run in January.... Read more»

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