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Navajo official: EPA rule threatens thousands of jobs

Power plants on Navajo Nation land need more time to meet new emissions standards or they could be forced to close, throwing thousands of Navajo out of work and costing the tribe millions, an official said Wednesday.... Read more»


Don’t believe the hype against EPA mercury rules

The House Subcommittee on Energy and Power plans a hearing misleadingly titled "What EPA's Utility MACT Rule Will Cost U.S. Consumers." But the Republican majority is playing with words and the health of our children. ... Read more»

EPA hopes disclosure leads to greenhouse gas reductions

For the first time, the EPA on Wednesday unveiled data showing the amounts of greenhouse gases released in 2010 by the nation’s largest power plants, oil refineries and paper mills, among a handful of other industries.... Read more»

Studies: Mercury, soot limits could save billions, improve health

In the face of opposition from industry and Republicans, the Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to reduce harmful emissions from coal-fired power plants that studies have linked to illnesses and tens of thousands of premature deaths every year. ... Read more»