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FactCheck: Trump wrong about wall effect in El Paso

President Donald Trump falsely claimed that El Paso, Texas went from “one of the most dangerous cities in the country to one of the safest cities in the country overnight” after “a wall was put up” along the Mexico border.... Read more»

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Pope Francis' border mass awes El Paso Catholics

Within plain sight of Ciudad Juárez, just south of the Rio Grande, thousands of El Pasoans heard Pope Francis speak of the ancient city Nineveh. He spoke of the city’s destruction due to “oppression and dishonor, violence and injustice.” The stirring message delivered in a city recovering from years of its own death and destruction at the hands of warring rival drug gangs and law enforcement held audiences captive.... Read more»

As Ciudad Juárez prepares for Pope's visit, so do activists

From city officials working to rebrand Ciudad Juárez as a safe and organized metropolis to the mother and daughter who met along opposite sides of a border fence, Pope Francis' visit here is fraught with symbolism. ... Read more»

Opinions split in border city over Mexican court ruling to ease marijuana law

When Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled this fall that individuals have the right to grow marijuana for personal use, it did little to resolve the issue in border towns like Ciudad Juarez that have long been the scene of bloody drug wars.... Read more»

Where are Mexico’s top 10 drug lords now?

Mexican security forces have captured or killed most major cartel bosses. The latest arrest came on Friday, when federal forces raided a house in Morelia, Michoacan, and nabbed Servando “La Tuta” Gomez. But a number of them are still at large. ... Read more»

Residents of forgotten Mexican town flee to Texas

As officials in El Paso and Ciudad Juárez celebrate a drop in crime in the Mexican border city, residents in nearby Guadalupe, Chihuahua continue fleeing to Texas in droves amid continuing violence and corruption.... Read more»


Border chronicler Charles Bowden dead at 69

Updated: Reporter and author Charles Bowden — he eschewed the term "journalist" — is dead at 69. The longtime Southern Arizonan recently moved to New Mexico and focused his work on the dangerous turmoil of Ciudad Juarez. Bowden was a dogged reporter and brilliant storyteller with a passion for the truth.... Read more»5

Mexico's got a serious bullying problem. Blame the cartels?

The tragic death of a 12-year-old has sparked a national debate on schoolyard violence. Politicians and psychologists point to the bloodshed outside the gates.... Read more»

Texas senator tours Ciudad Juárez in low-key trip to Mexico

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn made his first-ever trip to Ciudad Juárez on Friday and said he felt safe in the border city. He said that was partially due to U.S. help in Mexico, and also said the U.S. bears some responsibility for the violence. ... Read more»

Mexico investigating female vigilante 'bus driver hunter'

Mexican prosecutors said Monday they were investigating claims that a female vigilante who calls herself "Diana the huntress" killed two bus drivers in the city of Ciudad Juarez last week.... Read more»

Mexico: Calderon’s legacy of blood and busts

Despite his military offensive, outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon couldn’t destroy the drug cartels.... Read more»

'Fast and Furious' guns linked to Mexico murders

A new report by Spanish-language network Univision has found links between murders in Mexico and guns involved in the government's "Fast and Furious" operation. ... Read more»

Bodies found near Juarez revive fears of serial killings

An announcement Monday that the remains of 12 young women and girls were found near the Texas-Mexico border revives fears of renewed serial killing in Ciudad Juarez.... Read more»

Mexicans flee drug violence for refuge in U.S.

Displaced Mexicans seek refuge north of the Rio Grande after fleeing a government-sanctioned drug war in Chihuahua, where thousands have been slaughtered since 2006.... Read more»

Mexico's drug war

Juarez police officers in hiding after cartel threat

Even by Ciudad Juarez’s grim standards, a threat from a Mexican drug cartel to kill an officer a day until the city’s police chief steps down is being seen as an unusually terrifying escalation in the violence.... Read more»

Mexican police accused of torturing suspects in Juarez

Mexican police in violence-plagued Ciudad Juarez tortured suspects to force confessions that they killed two agents and participated in a car-bomb attack, Mexico's human rights commission said.... Read more»

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