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Man indicted for kidnappings, murders of Isabel Celis & Maribel Gonzales

Christopher Clements, 36, was indicted Friday on 22 counts for allegedly kidnapping and murdering Isabel Celis and Maribel Gonzales, who disappeared in a two-year period in Tucson beginning in 2012.... Read more»

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Guest opinion

Magnus: Sessions’s anti-immigrant policies will make cities more dangerous

In an opinion piece published in the New York Times, Tucson's police chief said Trump administration policies meant to punish so-called "sanctuary cities" serve to interfere with the ability of local law enforcement to police communities.... Read more»

Photos: DACA protesters at Tucson City Hall

A day after the Trump administration announced the wind-down of DACA, hundreds of people rallied here to show their support for the program, and shouted down Mayor Jonathan Rothschild with calls for Tucson to become a "sanctuary city." ... Read more»

Tucson police chief has backpack stolen from car

Chief Chris Magnus of the Tucson Police Department offered a "#PreventionLesson" reminder on Twitter on Tuesday morning, posting a photo of broken window on his car, from which a backpack was stolen overnight. ... Read more»

Church services for Isabel Celis scheduled for Saturday

A memorial service will be held Saturday for Isabel Celis, the six-year-old girl reported missing from her Midtown home in 2012. Her body was found last month. Because her family was "deeply touched by the love and support that has been shown for their daughter, they want to give the community an opportunity for closure as well."... Read more»

Police: Remains of Isabel Celis found 5 years after disappearance

A body found in rural Pima County has been identified as Isabel Celis, who was reported missing from her Midtown home in 2012, when she was six years old. "Now is our time to mourn," her family said.... Read more»

Tucson businesses targeted in multi-state 'spice' drug probe

At least two Tucson-area businesses were raided by federal law enforcement agents Wednesday morning as part of a multi-state investigation targeting the sale and distribution of the synthetic drug known as "spice." ... Read more»

ACLU alleges Tucson police unconstitutionally detain immigrants

After reviewing more than a year's worth of Tucson police records, the ACLU said that officers were prolonging traffic stops to investigate drivers' immigration status by holding them until Border Patrol agents arrive, violating the civil rights of immigrants and the department's own policies.... Read more»1

Photos: Chris Magnus sworn in as new Tucson police chief

He's been working as the Tucson's top cop for two months, but Christopher Magnus was formally sworn in as an Arizona law enforcement officer and the chief of the Police Department on Wednesday.... Read more»

TPD budget plan would cut 50 cops, shift assignments

A list of budget cuts and reorganized positions proposed by new Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus would mean fewer sworn officers, but pull cops from behind desks and put them on patrol, he said in a memo obtained by TucsonSentinel.com.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

A look ahead to 2017, after Tucson's tumultuous 2016

Megachurch evangelists and political pundits see even more chaos ahead in 2017, after the Chicago Cubs' four-game sweep in the World Series. So the world, indeed, seems on the brink. So as we toast Auld Lang Syne-style to the passing of 2016, let's see what the new year seems to hold for Tucson and Arizona. ... Read more»

Council OKs Magnus as new TPD chief

Chris Magnus, the police chief of Richmond, Calif., has been appointed as the new head of the Tucson Police Department. The City Council unanimously approved City Manager Michael Ortega's pick Tuesday night.... Read more»2

Magnus tapped to be new TPD chief

Chris Magnus, the police chief of Richmond, Calif., has been selected by City Manager Mike Ortega to be the new head of the Tucson Police Department. Malik Aziz, a deputy chief in Dallas who was the pick of many TPD union leaders, withdrew his name from consideration.... Read more»

Committee, cops union split on pick for TPD chief

A citizens panel that interviewed the three finalists to become the next Tucson police chief made a clear choice Thursday, but expressed reservations about the lack of local candidates. The police union, meanwhile, was lukewarm at best about all three potential top cops, with the least support evident for the committee's first choice. ... Read more»3

Guest opinion

Community questions for TPD chief candidates

In an attempt to add a bit more depth about these candidates, I have dug into each finalist beyond what is found on their resumes and offer my own summation of their law enforcement careers as well as questions I believe should be posed to them when they sit down with various committees set to interview them.... Read more»

One of four candidates for TPD chief drops out

One of the shortlisted candidates to be the next chief of the Tucson Police Department has withdrawn his name from consideration. Larry Esquivel, who's resigning as head of the San Jose, Calif., police department in January, has pulled out of the Tucson interview process.... Read more»

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