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Bin Laden's death further complicates U.S.-Pakistan relationship

The United States and Pakistan both have their own agendas in battling extremist terrorism.... Read more»

News analysis

Gen. Petraeus reflects on career, family

Following a career of chaos and uncertainty, U.S. general looks to the future with focus and determination following a life of peril in war-torn regions.... Read more»

Factcheck: GOP State of the Union response

Ryan and Bachmann made two new false claims, and repeated other talking points, in their responses to the president's State of the Union address.... Read more»

Analysis: Could WikiLeaks start a war?

If anyone has any doubt about the potentially devastating consequences “leaked” diplomatic cables can have, the opening sentences of the infamous “Zimmerman Telegram” should lay them to rest.... Read more»3

The questionable cost of America's spy games

There's nothing like a spy story to get the journalistic juices flowing. They have all the elements. High stakes. Betrayal. And, if you're lucky, sexual intrigue. Over the past several weeks, readers have been treated to two very different spy stories. In both cases, some basic questions have gone unanswered.... Read more»

Opinion: Justice is missing from Afghanistan

Gen. David Petraeus is unlikely to succeed if Afghan policy stays the same and persists in ignoring the ramifications of a long list of injustices that continue to pile up in Afghanistan.... Read more»

Analysis: 5 things you need to know about Kim Jong Il's brain

Defectors say that South Koreans’ fear of another Korean War is considerably greater than that of North Koreans, who have much less to lose.... Read more»