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Smart v. Stupid

Hey Mitt, I’ll see your China debt and raise you an F-35 program

The path to paying down our national debt runs through the Pentagon: In the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney said he’d judge every government program by whether it was “so critical it's worth borrowing money from China to pay for it.”... Read more»3

Smart v. Stupid

Mitt Romney fails to qualify as president

Mitt Romney proves to be unqualified for the job he is seeking. The Republican Party still has a chance to nominate a candidate who is worthy of serving as president. A brokered convention would be messy and embarrassing. But it might also be soul-cleansing. ... Read more»

Romney's tax returns reveal he pays 15%, less than average American

Mitt Romney has bowed to pressure and released his tax returns for the past two years. They reveal he paid about 15 percent of his multimillion-dollar fortune in federal income tax, well below the national average.... Read more»1