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Report: Nonunion workers lose pay as labor unions lose clout

The steady decline in union membership has had a ripple effect on wages of nonunion workers, costing them a potential $14 to $52 a week in pay, according to a report released this week.... Read more»

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FactCheck: Sanders overstates unemployment rate

Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said 51 percent of young black high school graduates are “unemployed.” That’s wrong.... Read more»

Stand-downs prevent falling down: Taking a break to focus on safety

The U.S. Department of Labor’s National Safety Stand-Down encouraged construction firms to set aside an hour last week to focus on fall safety and to engage in proper procedures to prevent falls – the leading cause of death in the construction industry.... Read more»

Bill would require U.S. citizenship for state prison guards

A state lawmaker wants to require Arizona Department of Corrections officers to be U.S. citizens, as is already the case with other peace officers, saying the change would help ease unemployment in his district.... Read more»

Paul’s ‘head-scratching’ stats

Sen. Rand Paul was wrong when he said that 60 percent of law students and 55 percent of medical students are women. The share of female students at law and medical schools in the United States is 47 percent each and hasn’t varied much in 10 years.... Read more»

Is Obamacare causing health care layoffs?

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers blamed the Affordable Care Act for a recent loss of health care jobs, but she based her comment on a reported December downtick that was preliminary and miniscule at that, and that economists say had nothing to do with the new health care law.... Read more»

Rand Paul, Obama & black unemployment

Sen. Rand Paul says “black unemployment in America is double white unemployment” and “hasn’t budged” under President Obama. Actually, the black unemployment rate is lower now than when Obama took office, and the gap between the races is below the historical average.... Read more»

Food-Aid foolery

According to the conservative GOPUSA site, the number of Americans receiving subsidized food assistance from the federal government has risen to 101 million, representing roughly a third of the U.S. population. That claim, however, is far from true.... Read more»

Factcheck: A puffed-up appeal to job fears

A TV ad opposing the Senate immigration bill uses inflated numbers in an oversimplified, one-sided appeal to fears about job security.... Read more»

Yuma's unemployment rate was nation's highest in April

Yuma’s unemployment hit 30.3 percent in April, rising to become the highest in the nation at a time when unemployment rates in more than 90 percent of U.S. metro areas were falling.... Read more»

Joe Biden’s productivity piffle

Vice President Joe Biden falsely claimed that U.S. workers “are three times as productive as any worker in the world.” He’s not even close. By the standard measure for productivity, American workers ranked third in the world behind Norway and Ireland in 2011.... Read more»

Jeb Bush's manufacturing claim falls down on jobs

In touting conservative policies in Republican-controlled states, Jeb Bush claimed, “The Southeast is leading a renaissance in American manufacturing.” Not so. The Midwest has experienced a 9 percent increase in manufacturing jobs since the sector began its recovery in February 2010. That’s double the growth rate of the nine states in the Southeast. ... Read more»

Workplace deaths up slightly in 2011

As investigators unravel what caused a Texas fertilizer plant explosion last week that killed 14, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that 4,693 workers died on the job in 2011, three more than in 2010.... Read more»

Report suggests OSHA safeguard temporary workers

Workplace safety and health regulators should conduct an enforcement blitz and amend policies to give greater protection to the growing number of vulnerable temporary, or "contingent," workers, a new report recommends.... Read more»

Temp worker injuries often go unrecorded

America currently has 2.5 million temporary, or contingent, workers — a growing but mostly invisible group of laborers who often toil in the least desirable, most dangerous jobs. Such workers are hurt more frequently than permanent employees and their injuries often go unrecorded. ... Read more»

Chained CPI: Political speak for cutting Social Security and raising taxes

Chained CPI has been touted as a possible solution to the fiscal cliff impasse. What is it?... Read more»

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