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Tribal affairs agencies make progress, not enough to satisfy senators

Federal agencies that oversee Indian affairs are making progress toward fixing management shortcomings that landed them on a list of “high-risk” agencies, but not enough progress to satisfy some senators.... Read more»

Ongoing problems land tribal oversight agencies on GAO 'high-risk' list

Federal agencies that oversee tribal schools, lands and health care still suffer from weak leadership, a lack of oversight and mismanaged resources, despite nearly a decade of prodding from the Government Accountability Office.... Read more»

Agencies cite progress, work still remaining on Navajo uranium cleanup

A consortium of federal and tribal agencies reported that a five-year, $110 million project to clean up uranium contamination in the Navajo Nation had addressed the most urgent risks there. But the report also said that much more work needs to be done to deal with the health threat. ... Read more»

BIA nominee vows to advocate for Indian Country

The man nominated to be the next head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs vowed Friday to advocate for Indian Country in a time of diminished resources and challenges.... Read more»

Feds vow to speed approval of Indian land-use requests

The Interior Department outlined a series of changes Monday on how it leases Native American reservation land, moves that it hopes will promote renewable energy and increase homeownership.... Read more»

Az tribal leaders lobby in Washington on budget cuts

With Congress required to come up with more than $1 trillion in multi-year budget cuts this fall, tribal leaders converged in Washington this week to make sure their concerns are included in the discussion.... Read more»1

9 get prison sentences after coke busts on reservation

Nine people have been sentenced to prison terms and one to probation, the result of a five-month investigation into cocaine trafficking on the Tohono O’odham Reservation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Monday. ... Read more»

Environmental violations found at scores of tribal schools

Hundreds of Native American children attend schools that haven't properly disposed of hazardous waste, haven't contained asbestos in heating systems, and whose water systems exceed the maximum allowable level for arsenic. Included are some Arizona schools.... Read more»1

Tohono O’odham gamble on Glendale casino

Cash is something members of the Tohono O’odham tribe had hoped would regularly flow their way after the tribe’s venture into Indian gaming, but that hasn’t been the case. Payments have been sporadic and rather small, according to some tribal members.... Read more»