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Damage limited after Wikileaks revelations

After a 72-hour build up that would have been the envy of any professional publicist, the latest trove of secret documents from Wikileaks has washed up in Europe. So far the impact has been negligible.... Read more»

Prince William's choice welcomed by Britain

On a wooden bench in Queen's Park, an aptly-named corner of northwest London, 8-year-old Eva is patiently listening to her mother explain the concept of a royal wedding. "Who's Prince William?" she asks shyly, before adding: "Who's Kate Middleton?"... Read more»

London Underground: In search of cool

There’s no scientific proof that London is the coolest city on Earth, but it is. I recently set off in search of London’s epicenter of cool.... Read more»

Midterm elections: Rise of the right

The election results rolling in Tuesday night held little surprise: strong gains for Republicans mean that in the United States, as in several European countries, the right is on the rise.... Read more»1

London Underground: Ring the bloody Sex Pistols

Amid government budget cuts, Brits are mum while the French rage. What gives?... Read more»

The skyrocketing cost of a UK degree

One more hole in the fabric of Britain's welfare state has been torn by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government in its "austerity" drive to reduce Britain's deficit. The government announced that the cost of higher education in Britain will double.... Read more»


British hint at 2011 exit from Afghanistan

Three weeks ago British Prime Minister Cameron made clear he wanted all British troops home by 2015. At the start of this week Britain's defense secretary said 2014. Following his meeting Tuesday with President Obama, 2011 is the new target date to begin withdrawal.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Opinion: Let’s be reasonable about BP

The administration’s raging against BP is not going to get the oil to stop flowing or get it cleaned up any faster. It is rank populism for political purposes and is not something the president of the United States, or Congress, should provoke.... Read more»

Britain's 'psycho commando' is hero to some

Unexpected outpouring of sympathy for a man who briefly became Britain's most-wanted criminal sparks free speech debate.... Read more»1


U.K. economy: Time for the thin upper lip

At half past twelve, Britain's 39-year-old chancellor of the Exchequer rose from his place and ushered in a new era of austerity in British life. Cut spending, raise taxes. Can it make a difference?... Read more»

Exiles in paradise: Uighurs in Bermuda

So how are those Uighurs, released from Guantanamo Bay, faring in Bermuda? Check the golf course.... Read more»


Will Bloody Sunday report help Derry move on?

Moving on has never been a part of life in Ulster. Those who could understand the concept "move on" — Protestant and Catholic — did precisely that and over the centuries left Ireland altogether. Cameron can only hope that his unprecedented words will create an unprecedented degree of acceptance.... Read more»

Bloody Sunday victims can 'rest in peace'

Cheers erupt in Derry as British government releases report on the 1972 killings: There was silence as Cameron announced to the House of Commons that the killings of civil rights demonstrators by members of Britain's elite First Parachute Regiment on Jan. 30, 1972, were "unjustified and unjustifiable."... Read more»

Can Britain put cork in binge-drinking crisis?

Britain has a blithely accepted culture of accelerated alcohol consumption, sometimes to the point of oblivion, that is unmatched by few other counties in Europe. As the country prepares for the obligatory drinking marathon that accompanies the World Cup, new measures are being urged amid warnings that alcohol consumption is reaching crisis levels.... Read more»

The music capital you've never heard of

You probably think of London as Britain’s musical capital: It is where musicians get discovered, where music moguls sit in skyscrapers and decide on the next big thing, and where artists land the elusive record deal. But a smaller city has knocked off London’s crown.... Read more»

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