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Why WWI is so often forgotten in America

Analysis: The "Great War" is often overshadowed by World War II and later wars.... Read more»

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How British promises sowed the seeds of today's Israel-Palestine bloodshed

Gaza and Jerusalem were promised to both the Arabs and the Jews. They're still fighting nearly a century later.... Read more»

World War I still etched into European psyche

Later this week, the world will mark 100 years since the assassination of an Austrian prince in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo dragged the great powers of the time into a conflict they called "the war to end all wars." ... Read more»


World's nationalists together to dig united Europe's grave

Commentary: The rise of anti-European Europe will be tested in the coming Euro-elections.... Read more»

How Brits actually sound versus how Hollywood thinks they sound

For a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, the United Kingdom has an astonishing wealth of regional accents. ... Read more»


The U.S. and Britain: Extra super-secret special relationship?

When it comes to security, the special relationship is raising questions about whether the two countries are doing each other’s dirty work.... Read more»

11 disturbing things Snowden has taught us (so far)

What is the extent of the information Edward Snowden has leaked? We break it down. ... Read more»

British archbishop resigns amid misconduct allegations

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, has stepped down as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church following allegations of inappropriate behavior towards priests from the 1980s onwards.... Read more»

Letter from London

British shrug as gov't orders 5 more years of austerity

What Britons' willingness to accept budget cuts says about society: For long-term expats like myself, the character of the countries where we end up living is something we usually take for granted. But every once in a while you’re reminded that the place you live in is "foreign."... Read more»

Joy and jeers over EU’s Nobel Peace Prize

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union has provoked joy and jeers, but also acknowledgement of the dangers posed by an economic crisis that's placing unprecedented strains on the organization that binds together the old continent's historic enemies.... Read more»

1948 Olympic athletes reunite after 64 years

Aging Olympians reunited 64 years after China and Britain played a basketball game at the 1948 London Games. I reached the peak of my own life at the Olympics. I realized my dream at the 1948 games,” one said.... Read more»1

Military confirms Arizona will host Prince Harry for helicopter training

Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, is coming to Arizona this fall to complete helicopter training, a spokeswoman for Luke Air Force Base said Wednesday. (updated with video)... Read more»

How Murdoch reporters’ bribes to British cops violate U.S. law

Guess what: If you work for Rupert Murdoch, you may have violated U.S. law. What the government nails you for could depend on how you and your bosses account for your tabloid's sketchy dealings.... Read more»


Europe sits out situation in Syria

Countries have many reasons for avoiding involvement in Syria, chief among them their militaries are stretched thin in other conflicts.... Read more»

Petraeus 'should be ashamed of himself,' writes British envoy

As President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama make their way east, having cemented the “essential relationship” between Whitehall and the White House during their glamorous visit to London, a former diplomat is doing his best to expose the fissures between the two countries’ policies in Afghanistan.... Read more»

British police arrest five terror suspects near nuclear site

Men of Bangladeshi origin were thought to have been filming a nuclear site in northwest England, according to the BBC.... Read more»

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