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What the Devil won't tell you

Trent Franks deserved a fair shot at due process

Two things should bother us about this wave of revelations: 1) women face some seriously nasty behavior in the workforce, and 2) one accuser can end a man's career as we move toward “zero tolerance.” ... Read more»

Facebook’s secret censorship rules protect white men from hate speech, but not black kids

A trove of internal documents sheds light on the algorithms that Facebook’s censors use to differentiate between hate speech and legitimate political expression. ... Read more»1

Civil rights leaders want six Confederate memorials in Arizona removed

Local civil rights and faith leaders are pushing for the removal of six Confederate memorials in Arizona, calling them symbols of terrorism and bigotry.... Read more»2

Delegates discuss ‘Black Lives’ movement a day after Tempe shooting

The normally placid breakfast meetings of Arizona’s delegates to the DNC turned into a lively discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement Thursday, one day after Tempe police shot a black suspect during a robbery.... Read more»

Peaceful Phx rally turns tense: Cops use pepper spray as marchers head to I-10

A peaceful protest that moved through downtown Phoenix on Friday night turned tense when protesters wanted to move onto Interstate 10 at 7th Street and police formed a barricade, releasing pepper spray to try to get the crowd to disperse.... Read more»1

Tucson police, community leaders meet following Dallas shootings

Community leaders and the heads of three local police forces met Friday and said they would work to maintain a dialogue with communities of color following an attack on police officers in Dallas. Hours after the meeting, a Tucson officer shot and killed a man who was holding a knife. ... Read more»

Dallas police chief: Suspect 'wanted to kill white people'

The sniper involved in an attack on downtown Dallas that resulted in the death of at least at least five police officers said that he "wanted to kill white people" before being killed by a police department bomb, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said Friday.... Read more»

Dallas police, protesters were united before sniper attack

DALLAS — After a long night of chaos and uncertainty, the city is finally quiet. Twenty blocks in the heart of downtown are blocked off by police barricades, an active crime scene where five officers were killed and six others were wounded by sniper fire amid an otherwise peaceful demonstration against police brutality.... Read more»

Grijalva, progressives call for DOJ probe of recent police shootings

Members of the House Progressive Caucus, including Tucson's Rep. Raul Grijalva, are calling for a Justice Department investigation of the shooting deaths of two black men this week. "I am sickened and appalled at the images of Americans dying at the hands of the very people sworn to serve and protect them," Grijalva said.... Read more»1