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Rabid bat found on NW Side, dogs may have been exposed

A pair of "small, scruffy brown dogs" may have been exposed to a rabid bat near Oracle and Magee roads this week, and county officials are trying to track them down.... Read more»

100,000 abandoned mines create challenge for Arizona's 2 inspectors

Arizona likely has more abandoned mines than any other state in the country. It's two men's job to find them all.... Read more»

Bats doing well in Az, despite being battered by disease elsewhere

The state’s climate appears to have helped hold off, for now, a disease that has afflicted bats during hibernation in at least half of the country.... Read more»

Tequila makers, volunteers lift endangered bats off the mat

An unusual alliance of researchers and tequila makers have helped rescue a crucial American Southwest pollinator known as the lesser long-nosed bat from the brink of extinction, according to U.S. wildlife managers who want the bat removed from the endangered and threatened species list. ... Read more»

To the bat condo! New landing pads in Ina project

In warmer months, 30,000 bats sleep the day away under the bridge carrying Ina Road across the Santa Cruz River northwest of Tucson. As the sun sets, the bats emerge in droves from tiny gaps between the concrete slabs supporting the span, creating an aerial spectacle that draws crowds.... Read more»

Desert Museum celebrates winged creatures

The Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum will celebrate winged creatures and the Year of the Bat during the Festival of Flight beginning Friday. ... Read more»

History shafted in Grand Canyon mines

Four miles down the Grandview Trail and over a half-mile below the rim of the Grand Canyon, there are many reminders of the miners that worked here at the turn of the 20th century. These remnants are now tougher for visitors to see, as the National Park Service just completed a project to close off several of the mines.... Read more»