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GOP may subpoena Obama over Solyndra loan

The fallout from the government’s failed $535 million bet in solar panel maker Solyndra expanded Friday, with the Obama administration seeking an independent audit of Energy Department loans even as the Republican-led House Energy committee threatened a subpoena of the president. ... Read more»

Solyndra investor's foundation status called into question

Fallout over the collapse of Solyndra, whose bankruptcy may cost taxpayers $535 million in federal loan guarantees, has called into question the tax status of the foundation of a major investor in the solar company. ... Read more»1


Factcheck: Obama's Solyndra problem

President Obama exaggerated when defending his administration’s approval of a $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra, a now-defunct solar company.... Read more»

Head of DOE's embattled loan program steps down

The head of the Energy Department's embattled loan program, Jonathan Silver, resigned Thursday after a tumultuous month during which the program's first loan recipient, the solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, declared bankruptcy, leading to a wave of scrutiny for his agency. ... Read more»


Solyndra 'could haunt' Obama

New White House emails show a top donor to Barack Obama was in direct contact with one of the president’s closest advisers about the federal energy loan program. ... Read more»

Solyndra execs stonewall Congress

The two top executives of the bankrupt solar power company Solyndra sat stone-faced before a Congressional committee Friday and invoked their Fifth Amendment right, rather than explain how they blew through $535 million in taxpayer money. ... Read more»

Solyndra execs to invoke 5th Amendment at House hearing

Two executives from the bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Friday, The Washington Post reports.... Read more»

Emails reveal White House kept tabs on Solyndra loan

Newly uncovered emails show the White House closely monitored and tried to rush Energy Department deliberations over whether to make a $535 million taxpayer-backed loan to Solyndra, a politically connected solar energy firm that went bankrupt and now is the focus of a criminal investigation. ... Read more»

Solyndra probe expands as agents visit execs’ homes

Federal agents have expanded their examination of the now-bankrupt California solar power company Solyndra, visiting the homes of the company's chief executive, a founder, and a former executive, examining computer files and documents. ... Read more»

Lee Enterprises

Daily Star parent may have headed off bankruptcy

Lee Enterprises, the troubled parent company of the Arizona Daily Star, refinanced a significant proportion of its crushing debt Thursday. The move, which came after Lee stock hit a 52-week low on Tuesday, may head off a threatened bankruptcy.... Read more»

Federal agents search Solyndra headquarters

Federal agents executed a surprise search of the California headquarters of failed solar firm Solyndra Inc. on Thursday morning, focusing attention anew on a corporate beneficiary of President Obama's stimulus program to create new clean energy jobs. ... Read more»

No contest: Miller on track to buy East Valley Tribune after 2nd bidder pulls out

The publisher of the Northwest Explorer appears poised to take over the East Valley Tribune after his main competition to buy the Mesa newspaper - a failed bidder for the Tucson Citizen last year - dropped out of the contest.... Read more»1

Northwest Explorer owner to buy bankrupt East Valley Tribune

The bankrupt Pulitzer Prize-winning East Valley Tribune would be sold to the Colorado-based owner of the Northwest Explorer, under a deal outlined in a court document filed today.... Read more»

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