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AG alleges fraud at Tucson music shop Sticks N' Strings

The state Attorney General's Office has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against the owner of an East Side musical instrument store, Sticks N' Strings, and owner Anthony Bernard. The suit alleges that the business "accepted thousands of dollars’ worth of payments for musical instruments and failed to deliver."... Read more»

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Ed chief: Investigate AIMS tests at Tucson charter schools

The Arizona Department of Education on Wednesday asked the state Attorney General's Office to investigate possible cheating at seven Arizona schools. Two Tucson schools, Children's Success Academy and Edge High School were among those identified in the request.... Read more»

Brnovich claims victory in AG race

Republican Mark Brnovich is celebrating victory over Democrat Felicia Rotellini in the race for Arizona attorney general.... Read more»


A modest suggestion for the next AG: Fix presidential pardons

More than two years ago, a ProPublica series showed that white applicants were far more likely to receive clemency than comparable applicants who were black. Since then, the government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study, but the pardons system remains unchanged. ... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: State election laws face challenges

Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill, Arizona Capitol Times reporter Hank Stephenson, Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson, Community Food Bank CEO Bill Carnegie, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, and Republican state Rep. Ethan Orr.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: AG candidate Rotellini wants rematch with Horne

An interview with state Attorney General candidate Felecia Rotellini, plus the Tuesday Money Maker Report with Shelly Fishman. Also, nutrition reporter Jack Challem with his monthly report, and Tucson Weekly Arts Editor Margaret Regan with the bi-monthly Buckmaster Arts Report.... Read more»

Dem Rotellini seeks AG's office again

Felecia Rotellini, a Democrat who narrowly lost to Tom Horne in the 2010 state attorney general's race, filed Monday to run for that office again. "I want to return the focus of the AG’s Office to prosecuting crime and criminals and protecting Arizonans," she said.... Read more»

Horne, Stevens: Allow one armed teacher in each school

Allowing a gun in a capable educator's hands at Arizona schools would be a "common-sense approach" to safeguarding students and staff, said Rep. David Stevens, R-Sierra Vista, said Tuesday, joining Attorney General Tom Horne in announcing a bill that would allow a designated school employee to be trained to carry a firearm and possess it on campus.... Read more»

Former child bride, 6 kids escape Az polygamist sect

Ruby Jessop recently escaped the polygamist enclave of Colorado City and a marriage forced on her as a teenager. Leaving in the middle of a December night when her husband was gone for 15 minutes, she returned with law enforcement and her older sister to bundle her children out as well.... Read more»

Horne accused of campaign finance violations

Attorney General Tom Horne allegedly violated state campaign finance laws in the 2010 campaign, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said.... Read more»

Bennett: Nine new cases of voter fraud in Arizona

Using an interstate database, Arizona officials found nine cases of people committing fraud by voting in multiple states during the 2008 general election, Secretary of State Ken Bennett said Tuesday. ... Read more»3

Horne: $57M from mortgage settlement will help Az homeowners

Arizona will use $57 million from its share of settlements with mortgage lenders to help people facing foreclosure stay in their homes and provide counseling, legal assistance and oversight, Attorney General Tom Horne said Monday.... Read more»

Comic: Law enforcement

A Tale of Two Sheriffs

Friday was a big day for two high-profile Arizona sheriffs, as both Joe Arpiao and Paul Babeu were cleared of wrongdoing by federal and state investigators.... Read more»

Az closer to joining possible $25B foreclosure settlement

Arizona is one of a handful of states that have not yet agreed to a potential $25 billion mortgage settlement for suffering homeowners, but the state hopes to join soon, officials said.... Read more»

Lawmakers want Holder to resign over Fast & Furious

A group of House members Tuesday demanded that Attorney General Eric Holder step down for his handling of the controversial Operation Fast and Furious.... Read more»1

Brewer lead over Goddard slips to 3 points

Incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer's lead over challenger Terry Goddard has slipped to just 3 points in a new Rocky Mountain Poll. More than one in five — 21 percent — are still undecided, said the survey.... Read more»

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