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Arizona dairy woman grows appreciation for female farmers

About 45 percent of the farmers in Arizona are women, making it the state with the highest proportion of women farmers in a declining industry, according to the 2012 Census of Agriculture. ... Read more»

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How Arizona farmers cope with a closed border

With winter lettuce season starting in November, Arizona farms are rushing to find workers for harvest. A difficult task, made more difficult with the anti-immigration rhetoric coming from the current administration.... Read more»

Trump call for merit-based immigration puzzles experts

Immigration advocates are unsure what the merit-based immigration system President Donald Trump called for last week would do for the country – mostly because they don’t know exactly what the president meant.... Read more»

Feds announce new rules to protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure

The federal government outlined new safety measures Monday that will protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure by banning pesticide use by minors and sharply increasing training requirements, among other changes.... Read more»

Grassroots effort seeks labeling of genetically modified foods in Az

With no funding and facing a July deadline to gather 173,000 signatures, a Tucson man is out to require labels telling consumers whether food products are genetically engineered or made with genetically engineered ingredients.... Read more»

Visa backlog from shutdown could cause shortage of farm labor

This month’s federal government shutdown caused a backup in seasonal farmworkers’ visa applications that some groups say could lead to a labor shortage during the coming winter vegetable harvest.... Read more»

Farm bill expired Monday, farmers hope for long-term replacement

The budget was not the only significant legislation that died Monday between a deadlocked House and Senate – the farm bill also expired at midnight, leaving farm programs, crop supports and food stamps up in the air.... Read more»

Feds target critical habitat for endangered gartersnakes

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has targeted hundreds of thousands of acres in Arizona and New Mexico that it wants to designate as critical habitat for two endangered gartersnakes. The service said that the northern Mexican gartersnake and the narrow-headed gartersnake need to be protected because they are threatened by loss of habitat and by competition from nonnative species.... Read more»

Az farmers cautiously optimistic on farm bill, despite funding cuts

Arizona farmers are cautiously optimistic at the Senate’s passage this week of a five-year farm bill, even though it cuts $24 billion from current spending levels. ... Read more»

Feds declare 12 Az counties eligible for drought-disaster loans

After being in a severe to extreme drought for more than eight weeks, farmers in 12 Arizona counties may qualify for emergency loans, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said this week.... Read more»

Farmers frustrated as farm bill set to expire

Congress left town without acting on the farm bill, which expires Sept. 30. Its expiration won't immediately affect farmers and food-stamp recipients who benefit from the massive, multi-year bill - but that doesn't mean those groups are happy about the inaction. ... Read more»

Migrant worker drought worries farmers

With harvest season for many crops approaching, Arizona farms need workers to help bring the crops in. But immigration policy has made it harder to find the skilled labor force farms have relied on for 20 years.... Read more»

Az farmers rally in Washington to urge action on stalled farm bill

Farmers from Arizona traveled to Washington to rally at the Capitol to act on a stalled farm bill before it expires on Sept. 30. But some lawmakers, like Rep. David Schweikert, R-Scottsdale, are arguing for programs like food stamps to be stripped out of the bill before a vote. ... Read more»

Flake: EPA’s air-quality dealings with Arizona cost money, jobs

The EPA's strict enforcement of air-quality regulations in Arizona is stifling job creation and proving costly to businesses unable to meet the standards, U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake said Wednesday.... Read more»2

Feds may put minority farmers on Az county panels

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday it could appoint “socially disadvantaged” farmers in six state counties where the elected county committees may be lacking in representation by women and minorities.... Read more»

Farm-rich Yuma out to cultivate growth of agritourism

Yuma's Field to Feast, engages tourists, snowbirds and locals in the process of moving produce from soil to salad. Participants pick kale, lettuce, broccoli and more while learning about the area's agriculture. (with video)... Read more»

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