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Arizona kids more fit than national average, which isn't saying much

Arizona’s schoolkids are more physically fit than their national peers, according to a report card. But that’s nothing to brag about: Kids nationwide are not even close to being active enough.... Read more»

Season’s dominant flu strain especially harmful to young people

Young people are being hit harder by this year’s flu season, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those ages 18 to 64 accounted for 61 percent of all influenza-related hospitalizations, compared with an average of 35 percent in previous years.... Read more»

Advocates, docs urge Az to add PTSD to medical pot treatments

On Tuesday, Mike Ulinger, who retired after 30 years as a Phoenix firefighter, and others urged the Arizona Department of Health Services to add PTSD to the list of debilitating conditions qualifying patients for medical marijuana.... Read more»

Officials, experts out to improve state’s poor ratings for kids’ oral health

Watching a Midwestern University dental team give her 8-year-old son a free screening, cleaning and tooth sealant at “Super Sealant Saturday,” Sonia Ortega said she was happy to see him getting quality care.... Read more»

Az 6th-highest for drug deaths; overdoses topped car fatalities

More people in Arizona died from drug overdoses than from car accidents in 2010, according to a report Monday that said the state had the sixth-highest overdose rate in the nation that year.... Read more»

Humble: Policies, not brochures, key to solving obesity epidemic

Combating a national obesity epidemic 20 years in the making requires more than just passing out brochures, Arizona’s top health official said Wednesday. ... Read more»

Az teen births dropping sharply, yet still high

Teen births in Arizona plummeted 35 percent between 2007 and 2011, tying with Utah for the steepest decline in the nation, according to new numbers released Thursday. ... Read more»

State agency touts program to reduce heart attack deaths

An Arizona Department of Health Services program that aims to reduce heart attack deaths celebrated its first participants Monday as well as a life saved.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Alert licensing boards in suspect medical pot cases

A Phoenix lawmaker wants to make it clear that state officials can notify licensing boards when medical professionals are suspected of improperly recommending marijuana for patients.... Read more»

HIV map shows impact on state’s black population

A first-of-its-kind interactive map of HIV rates in the United States turns dark red over Maricopa and Pima counties when a visitor filters for black residents, illustrating rates roughly three times the state’s average.... Read more»

School health programs get kids, community in shape

Capture the protein, Challenger Middle School gym teacher Judy Gonzalez’s spin on the playground standard capture the flag, teaches kids about the importance of controlling portions and burning calories.... Read more»

H1N1 down – but definitely not out – this flu season

A state health official says that the worst of H1N1 passed last flu season, but don't put away the hand sanitizer just yet. "We expect H1N1 to be back again this year because that's what happens when we have pandemics," said Dr. Karen Lewis.... Read more»