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Future of solar threatened in nationwide fight over incentives

Two sun-drenched states have lately come to very different conclusions on a controversial solar power incentive essential to the industry's growth. How the Arizona Corporation Commission rules on UniSource's rate case is expected to signal how it will approach rate cases from five other state utilities.... Read more»

State looks at surcharge for solar homeowners

The average homeowner installing solar would pay $7 a month to use the electric grid under a recommendation by the state’s advocate for residential utility ratepayers. Under the proposal from the Residential Utility Consumer Office (RUCO), that amount could eventually reach about $20 a month.... Read more»

Regulators propose phase-in for big water rate increases

Some Arizonans, especially those in rural areas, face having their water bills dramatically increase when providers need to finance infrastructure improvements.... Read more»

Experts: Arizona’s solar growth could slow in coming year

After years of rapid growth, residential solar power installations in Arizona are likely to slow down some in the near future as prices tick up and utility incentives shrink, experts say.... Read more»

Rally slams Corporation Commission for solar incentive cuts

Environmentalists and solar industry leaders rallied Wednesday outside the Arizona Corporation Commission, saying they fear recent cuts to renewable-energy incentives will lead to future reductions that could harm the industry.... Read more»

BLM highlights three Az sites as optimal for solar projects

A draft plan on the solar potential of federal land identifies three Arizona sites encompassing nearly 14,000 acres as highly suitable for energy development.... Read more»

Jorge Luis Garcia

Az Senate leader Garcia dies, was running for Corp. Commission

State Senate Minority Leader Jorge Luis Garcia — who was campaigning for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission — died Friday. Garcia was one of two Democrats running for the two Corporation Commission seats up for election.... Read more»1

Alternative energy sites pose hazards for wildlife

With its sharp talons, powerful beak and 7-foot wingspan, the golden eagle is one of Arizona's fiercest and most imposing birds of prey. It's no match, however, for the rotating blades of turbines in wind farms. To address this problem, Arizona Game and Fish recently issued guidelines for developers planning wind farms and solar facilities.... Read more»

Immigration SB1070

Despite threat, Az official powerless to shut off LA's juice

If Los Angeles wants to boycott Arizona over its new immigration law, they'd better get ready to do so in the dark, one official says. But that may be an empty threat. ... Read more»5