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Update: BP agent shot near Arivaca wounded multiple times

A 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol was shot multiple times at close range by an unknown number of people while responding to a sensor hit south of Arivaca early Tuesday morning, authorities said. ... Read more»

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Border Patrol agent shot and wounded near Arivaca

A Border Patrol agent was shot and wounded near Arivaca on Tuesday around 4:30 a.m.... Read more»

Court revives suit by protesters at Border Patrol checkpoint in Arivaca

A federal appeals court ordered a new hearing for Arivaca protesters who said the Border Patrol violated their 1st Amendment rights when they tried to monitor a checkpoint for potential racial profiling.... Read more»

Court hears appeals on 1st Amendment case over Arivaca checkpoint

The 9th Circuit heard arguments Tuesday in a suit that accuses Border Patrol agents of violating the First Amendment rights of a group attempting to observe one of the agency's checkpoints in Southern Arizona.... Read more»

Injured Guatemalan man airlifted by Arizona DPS helicopter

A helicopter crew with Arizona DPS airlifted an injured Guatemalan man from a remote mountainside near Arivaca after he was treated by Border Patrol agents, authorities said. ... Read more»

Illegal immigrant paralyzed in Arivaca shooting looks to uncertain future

An illegal immigrant who was shot outside a home near Arivaca on July 31 said he knew immediately that he was paralyzed, and that today he's trying to figure out how to provide for his family going forward.... Read more»

Video: Will a border wall stop migrant deaths in Arizona?

President Trump’s promise of a border wall has sparked wildly different reactions across the country. In Southern Arizona, where long stretches of desert and extreme heat have killed thousands of migrants, water is the common ground between pro-immigrant activists and a rancher who backs the wall. ... Read more»1

Reports shed light on immigrant shooting near Arivaca

An illegal immigrant who was paralyzed after being shot by an Arivaca homeowner told deputies he never set foot inside the man's home. Michael Goodwin, 71, was indicted Aug. 14 on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the July 31 shooting of Jose Hernandez, 32.... Read more»2

National review board clears CBP in four new use-of-force incidents

A national review board has cleared U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and officers in four use-of-force incidents, including one that received wide coverage because of a cellphone recording and another that involved the shooting death of a Canadian man. ... Read more»

First Amendment lawsuit over Arivaca checkpoint dismissed

On Friday, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that said U.S. Border Patrol agents violated the First Amendment rights of some Arivaca residents by blocking their effort to observe a checkpoint maintained by the agency. ... Read more»

ACLU: Border Patrol wrongfully detained U.S. citizens, seized vehicles & property

The ACLU has filed complaints from 10 people who say they were wrongfully detained by BP agents and held in frigid, dirty and overcrowded cells before being released without charges. They also say that the agency routinely seized vehicles and belongings, and required them to sign "hold harmless" agreements to get their property back. ... Read more»

Court: FBI can’t be sued for failing to warn Arivaca family of home invasion

A federal appeals court said Wednesday the FBI cannot be held liable for failing to tip Pima County police to a home invasion by a border militia group that killed an Arivaca man and his 9-year-old daughter.... Read more»

Update: Wildfire sparked by Air Force training burns 1,000 acres

A fire burning north of Arivaca scorched more than 1,000 acres Monday and Tuesday, officials said. The blaze was sparked when an airman attempted to signal an aircraft overhead during search and rescue training Monday afternoon. The Amigo Wash fire was about 75 percent contained Tuesday evening... Read more»

Arivaca residents now monitoring second Border Patrol checkpoint

A group of Arivaca residents have expanded their monitoring of Border Patrol checkpoints to SR 286, just north of the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge. Activists set up just north of the checkpoint with binoculars, video cameras and clipboards to record the interactions between agents and people driving north.... Read more»

ACLU: Lax investigation drives Border Patrol misconduct at checkpoints

The ACLU said it has documents showing 142 cases of Border Patrol agents violating the civil rights of motorists passing through checkpoints in California and Arizona over the last four years — including racial profiling, verbal abuse, and in at least two cases, making overt threats with their firearms. ... Read more»1

Border Patrol agents aid victims in 2 vehicle crashes

Border Patrol agents aided victims in two separate vehicle accidents during the past week, freeing a man trapped in his vehicle at the bottom of an embankment and stabilizing the victim of a motorcycle crash.... Read more»

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