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Obamacare a mixed Rx for Tucson hospitals

Although Arizona's largest academic medical network could see emergency room relief with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, the law could also lead to hospital staff reductions and more stress on the state's primary care doctors. ... Read more»

Latino Caucus legislative goals include education, economy, reforming CPS

While addressing issues such as education, the economy and reforming Child Protective Services, lawmakers need to focus more on Arizona’s growing Hispanic population, the head of the Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus says. “The voters in our communities deserve better,” said Sen. Anna Tovar.... Read more»

White House, Az lawmakers tout Tucsonan as Obamacare success

Laid off and with a pre-existing medical condition, Tucson resident Sue Voelker said it was a struggle to get health insurance – until the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Voelker said that under Obamacare she was able to sign up for a Gold Plan policy at the same price as lesser coverage that had previously been offered to her.... Read more»1

Az Dems tout Obamacare benefits, despite problems with rollout

Despite the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Arizona Democrats touted the law’s “many, many positive aspects” and showcased one woman Monday who successfully got health insurance through healthcare.gov.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Deadline to mail ballots today

Interviews with: City Council candidate Ben Buehler-Garcia, state Sen. Steve Farley (D-LD9), Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson, RNC Committeeman Bruce Ash, Middle East expert Prof. Stephen Zunes.... Read more»

Brewer urged to drop deferred action license order

Democrats and activists called on Gov. Brewer to drop an executive order she issued in August denying driver’s licenses to deferred action participants at a press conference in Phoenix Tuesday night.... Read more»1

Program keeps kids in school, helps them after graduation

Nearly 1,000 students over 26 schools in Arizona participate in the Jobs for Arizona's Graduates program, which helps them stay in school and teaches them how to get a job and enroll in college. The program assists students with low grades, legal issues and other at-risk factors. ... Read more»1

Latinos: GOP immigration efforts not enough to court voting bloc

A new Republican plan dubbed the Achieve Act, offered by Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, would offer certain illegal immigrants legal status without granting citizenship. But several Latino groups see the new plan as a ploy to gain Latino votes. ... Read more»

Az delegates looking to boost Latino vote

Arizona's delegation to the Democratic National Convention is organizing for stronger Latino voter participation. Members hope to attract more young people and capitalize on the promise of a platform that includes support for the DREAM Act. ... Read more»2

Az Dems: Brewer 'grandstanding' on deferred action

Democratic legislators criticized Gov. Brewer's move to deny drivers licenses to young illegal immigrants granted relief from deportation in a Thursday press release. "The governor is using her elected position to grandstand at the expense of finding real solutions to the issues our state is facing."... Read more»1

Az panned for family leave protections

Arizona got a grade of D for its legal protections for employees who need to take family or medical leave, in a recent national report ranking states on their health leave laws. But the state was in good company: The report gave grades of D or F to 34 states.... Read more»1

Farley: SB 1070 'political grandstanding'

Arizona state Reps. Chad Campbell, Steve Farley and Anna Tovar released brief statements on the Supreme Court's SB 1070 ruling. "SB 1070 is a far cry from reasonable. It lets politicians get away with political grandstanding instead of enacting real reform," Farley said.... Read more»

Dems: Tea Party bills diverting attention from jobs, education

"Extremist" bills inspired by the Tea Party are taking the Legislature's attention away from issues important to Arizonans, Democrats said.... Read more»

Democratic lawmakers offer bills addressing foreclosure crisis

Allowing owners of foreclosed homes to remain as renters for at least a year would stabilize neighborhoods and minimize the fallout for families, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»

Special session called to extend jobless benefits

With unemployment benefits for nearly 20,000 Arizonans set to expire next week, Gov. Jan Brewer called a special session of the Legislature, asking lawmakers to make a one-word change to state law that will extend jobless aid.... Read more»3

Transplant hopefuls appeal to GOP to restore Medicaid funds

Democratic lawmakers held a news conference with a group of patients denied organ transplants to demand a special session to reinstate the $1.4 million program. They blamed Gov. Brewer for keeping new organs out of the reach of those whose survival hangs in the balance.... Read more»1