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Families divided

Mexico agrees to accept some asylum seekers while migrant advocates worry for their safety

The Mexican government has agreed to take 10,000 migrants seeking U.S. asylum, despite protests that the move threatens legal representation and exposes asylum seekers to violence.... Read more»

Mexico's presidential runner-up challenges results

The runner-up in Mexico's presidential election announced last week that he will officially challenge the contest's results in court, after making allegations of vote-buying.... Read more»

Mexico's revolution will not be televised

Yo Soy 132, Mexico's youth protest movement, is working to stage a democratic revolt against an almighty establishment: television.... Read more»

Mexico election campaigns kick off

The 2012 presidential election in Mexico promises to bring change, especially with the opposition PRI entering the race as the prohibitive favorite.... Read more»

Biden: Drug legalization debate 'legitimate'

Vice President Biden said that the debate about legalizing drugs was "legitimate," while remaining firm that the United States opposes legalization.... Read more»

Mexico's drug-war dead: 12,000 in 2011

Counts by Mexican news outlets said the death toll from the drug war in 2011 reached 12,000. Do those numbers really matter? ... Read more»

Calderon rival has new answer to the drug war

Between now and the election day in July, Andrés Manuel López Obrador says he will convince the Mexican people for a new peaceful approach to fighting drug cartels. Felipe Calderón's war on cartels, the leftist candidate said, has been a disaster for Mexico, unleashing more bloodshed and destroying the economy.... Read more»1