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If Alabama can go D, what about Arizona?

The Deep South has not elected a Democratic senator since 1992, but Alabama drew the line against a wildly unqualified Roy Moore on Tuesday. The natural question for readers here is, If this can happen in Alabama, why not in Arizona?... Read more»1

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What the Devil won't tell you

Showstopper: Ala. result means Senate control will rest with Az voters

Hey, Arizona. It just got real. We could have two races on the ballot in the same year with control of the U.S. Senate on the line. That would be a political showstopper.... Read more»5

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Hart: 'Bama follows Az footsteps on immigration

Arizonans who still take pride in our state for leading the national charge against undocumented immigration might want to take a quick glance over their shoulders. Where'd our followers go?... Read more»

Five of the most confusing ballots in the country

When voters finally get to the polls tomorrow, they may run into more than a big crowd. Voters in many states will be facing a slew of confusing measures and often overly long ballots.... Read more»

Health clinics caught in crossfire of immigration debate

Health clinics that are part of a 50-year-old federally funded program to treat migrant and seasonal farmworkers have become the latest flash points in the national immigration debate.... Read more»

Pardon attorney torpedoes plea for presidential mercy

The case of rejected presidential pardon applicant Clarence Aaron illuminates the extraordinary, secretive powers wielded by the Office of the Pardon Attorney, the branch of the Justice Department that reviews commutation requests.... Read more»

Illegal immigration

Tucsonans have long history of offering sanctuary

While Tucson officials today say they do not consider the city a designated place of sanctuary, human rights work continues the path of the Sanctuary Movement through local organizations.... Read more»


What's at stake if Supreme Court rules for SB 1070?

If the Supreme Court gives its blessing to SB 1070, the nation will return to a time of deep division, likely cleaved once again along regional lines.... Read more»7


Mitt Romney's Southern defeat

It could have been the awkward “y’alls” that did it, or the forced references to “cheesy grits,” but the South roundly rejected former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Tuesday night.... Read more»


Immigration: Staying put but still in the shadows

Have state anti-immigration bills led to an exodus of unauthorized migrants from the United States as restrictionists have promised?... Read more»1


How Ala.'s immigration law hurts state's economy

Alabama's immigration law's impact has been swift and detrimental to the state, with a significant exodus of Latinos. But in a state already ravaged by tornadoes and lagging in economic recovery, the costs and social effects of the law have been particularly harsh.... Read more»

Number of death sentences down in 2011

The number of death sentences in the United States fell to below 100 in 2011, a historic low in the last 35 years.... Read more»1

Ala.'s immigration law on mobile homes blocked

A controversial immigration law that would require Alabama residents to prove their citizenship when registering a mobile home has been blocked.... Read more»

Mexicans cry foul over SB 1070

Migrants and advocacy groups on both sides of the border urged the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the controversial Arizona immigration law that has sparked outrage in Mexico.... Read more»9

Guest opinion

Immigration: Call them 'unauthorized'

It may not be all that important, in the scheme of things, but words do matter, and people do take sides on this issue, so here's my take. The adjective "illegal" generates pejorative, negative reactions in the listener or reader.... Read more»2

Opponents say Ala.’s ‘Juan Crow’ law causes fear, anxiety

If the goal of state immigration laws was to make life so uncomfortable for illegal immigrants that they leave on their own, it may be working under HB 56 in Alabama.... Read more»2

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