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What the Devil won't tell you

Register to vote now, to help Make America Boring Again

People who don't vote tend to be younger, and have lower incomes than those who do. Voters tend to be less Latino than non-voters. That's why elected officials feel free to ignore them. Change that: the voter registration deadline is July 30.... Read more»

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What the Devil won't tell you

Never mind Trump: His voters are the real story, especially in Az

Trump has found Republican 3.0: A jaded aspirant, xenophobic and heathen, with Occupy tendencies. Apparently they now make up 40 percent of the Republican Party. The polite media, polite society and professional outrage machine (please make your donations to) can barely tolerate such a beast roaming free. Sensitive America, gird up. I think we found the new swing voter. ... Read more»

Al Melvin wants to run for Corporation Commission

Out of the state Senate and snubbed by GOP donors in last year's gubernatorial contest, Al Melvin filed Monday to fun for a seat on the Corporation Commission — the state agency that regulates utilities, including the nuclear industry the right-wing Republican has frequently boosted.... Read more»2

Guest opinion

12 Gen-X Republicans who will have some explaining to do some day soon

Now that it is clear that those who pushed Arizona's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage are on the wrong side of history, they all better start thinking up what lame excuses they are going to be making. Their grandchildren’s generation is sure to ask questions.... Read more»

Poll: Western voters oppose giving federal lands to states

A poll says 52 percent of voters in eight Western states don't think federal lands should be shifted to state control. An Arizona bill to do that was vetoed in 2012, but Utah law calls on the federal government to cede lands there by Dec. 31. Few expect that to happen.... Read more»2

Melvin backing Ducey in Az gov primary

Two weeks after his campaign melted down, state Sen. Al Melvin announced that he's supporting state Treasurer Doug Ducey in the Republican gubernatorial primary.... Read more»

Melvin exits gov's race, citing troubles qualifying for Clean Elections

GOP gubernatorial candidate Al Melvin is dropping out of the race, he announced Monday. The self-described Tea Party candidate said he did not expect to collect enough qualifying contributions quickly enough to receive public funding for his campaign before early voting begins July 31.... Read more»1

Lacking donations, Melvin sets deadline for campaign 'viability'

GOP gubernatorial candidate Al Melvin said that he will consider withdrawing from the primary race next week. "We are running out of time to qualify for Clean Elections funding," he said in a social media and email blitz.... Read more»

GOP gov candidates to joust in Saddlebrooke

Eight candidates seeking the nod as the Republican candidate for Arizona governor will make their pitches to the Saddlebrooke Republican Club next week. ... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Point • Counterpoint: Candidates Jones and Melvin

Gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones made an unseemly rush to praise the woman she hopes will be her predecessor in The Big House... Read more»

Comic: SB 1062

Cap'n Al says 'Be prepared'

State Sen. Al Melvin goes toe to toe (well, not THAT close) with CNN's Anderson Cooper in defense of SB 1062.... Read more»

Biz leaders rally against bills to roll back Common Core

Several GOP bills to roll back or forbid Arizona’s switch to the Common Core State Standards would harm efforts to create a more competitive workforce, business leaders said Thursday, saying "We believe that it would be wrong to deny Arizona students the education they need to succeed in the 21st century."... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Walk a shelter dog on Thanksgiving

An interview with state Sen. Al Melvin, Republican gubernatorial candidate. Also, Barbara Brown, V.P. of Program Services & Community Initiatives for the Community Foundation for Southern arizona. Plus, Jose Ocano, volunteer coordinator for Pima Animal Care Center.... Read more»

Brewer: Tuskegee Airmen showed that persistence overcomes barriers

When the Army Air Corps launched an experiment allowing black servicemen to fly planes during World War II, Robert Ashby said he jumped at the chance to be a pilot. “It intrigued me. I said, ‘Great, I can fly just like anybody else,’” said Ashby, one of the original Tuskegee Airmen.... Read more»

Leader of Utah sovereignty effort makes case in Arizona

The Utah lawmaker who authored a law calling for the federal government to relinquish authority over public lands said Thursday that devastating wildfires are one reason for Arizona to follow suit.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Al Melvin on his run for governor

An interview with state Sen. Al Melvin (R-District 11), who is an unofficial candidate for Arizona governor. Also, we talked with Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller (R-District 1).... Read more»

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