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Some communities move to ban fireworks as state law looms

The ponderosa pine forest around Payson has survived years of drought. It has survived bark beetles. Town officials want to make sure it survives Arizona's new law allowing the sale of sparklers and certain other fireworks.... Read more»0

Proposition 110

Land swaps would preserve bases, aid conservation, supporters say

Supporters say a ballot proposition designed to make it easier to swap rather than sell or lease state trust land would help facilitate agreements that preserve military installations.... Read more»0

Pima County, Mexican officials to share DNA data on border remains

In 2004, DNA analysis first helped forensic anthropologist Dr. Bruce Anderson give a family answers about one young woman who disappeared while crossing illegally into Arizona. Pima County officials hope an agreement with Mexican officials to share databases of DNA information will help close even more of the 640 cases involving unidentified remains.... Read more»0

Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection

Feds work to speed San Luis border crossing with SENTRI program

The SENTRI program is designed to cut wait times by running extensive background checks once, in advance – and then letting qualified travelers use a dedicated entry lane with a processing time of about 10 seconds.... Read more»0

Child Passenger Safety Week boosters remind parents of safety seats

With national Child Passenger Safety Week coming Sept. 19-25, Arizona police and AAA are urging parents to take steps to protect children in vehicles.... Read more»0

Lawmaker: Marijuana-like herb needs regulation

The young man shook uncontrollably and couldn’t speak. As an emergency room doctor tried to figure out what was wrong, the man’s friends showed a package of herbs clearly marked “not for human consumption.” The man and his friends had smoked "spice."... Read more»2

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