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Clean Elections Commission puts off fixed-assets rule change

The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission on Thursday put off voting on a proposed rule change that would require publicly financed candidates to return or purchase fixed assets such as laptops, printers and cameras.... Read more»0

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Backers want to engineer Tucson-Phoenix high-speed rail

A high-speed rail line between Phoenix and Tucson would create jobs and relieve traffic congestion, an interest group contends. The push comes as Arizona is considering a statewide rail plan that includes six possible high-speed routes between the two cities.... Read more»0

Election canvass sets up first known recount of ballot measure

General election results made official Monday set up the first recount of a statewide ballot proposition that officials can recall. Proposition 112, which seeks to move the initiative filing deadline forward by 60 days, trailed by only 128 votes.... Read more»0

Special report

Some Clean Elections money went toward laptops, hiring relatives

Some of the 107 candidates who received public money to run for the state Legislature this year bought computers, cameras and printers that are theirs to keep and paid relatives as campaign workers and consultants. Expenses included $60 for NRA dues, $650 for mariachis and $229.87 for a “post-debate discussion” with campaign staffers at T.G.I. Friday’s.... Read more»0

Latinos face cultural, structural barriers in building wealth

75 percent of Mexican immigrants – legal and illegal – don't have bank accounts. A lack of legal identification, a history of mistrusting banks in their home country and the perceived complexities of banking in another language keep many outside the financial system, with long-term effects.... Read more»0

Schweikert, Gosar victories a return to normal in right-leaning districts

Democratic U.S. Reps. Harry Mitchell and Ann Kirkpatrick faced more than a GOP tidal wave Tuesday. In fact, their defeat was a return to normal in their traditionally right-leaning districts, political scientists said.... Read more»0

Piles of early ballots make for long count

Early ballots will be the first tallied on election night. And if history is a guide, they will also be among the last. Election night is just the beginning for county election officials, who not only tabulate ballots cast on Nov. 2 but also count the slew of early ballots turned in on Election Day.... Read more»0

CD5: Mitchell in tight race vs. Schweikert to retain seat

David Schweikert said he's having more fun in this election than he's ever had, certainly more fun than two years ago when Rep. Harry Mitchell beat him by 10 points. A number of polls show the race is a toss-up, with both men pulling 40-45%.... Read more»0

Tea Party groups work to influence races in Arizona

Sherese Steffens wasn't politically active until President Obama took office in 2009. Today she's rallying against the federal health care law, a proposed cap-and-trade system to control greenhouse gases and other government expenditures she considers wasteful.... Read more»0

Hoover Dam

‘Marvel’ of a bridge restores route between Phoenix, Las Vegas

Towering 900 feet above the Colorado River, the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge makes the Hoover Dam, just a stone's throw away, look small.... Read more»0

Arizonans favor cutting some programs to balance budget

Most Arizonans would prefer to see lawmakers cut programs before they tax or borrow to balance the budget, but only if the essentials such as K-12 education and Medicaid are protected, according to a poll released Wednesday.... Read more»0

Proposition 112

Prop. 112 seeks to move up initiative filing deadline

Proposition 112 would move up the deadline from four to six months before an election for turning in signatures to get citizens' initiatives on the ballot.... Read more»0

Deputy Louis Puroll

DPS: Agency had limited role in probing deputy’s reported shooting

At a news conference Wednesday, Sgt. Kevin Wood, a DPS media relations specialist, contradicted a statement Monday from Pinal County authorities that the agency agreed Deputy Louis Puroll was shot by drug smugglers.... Read more»0

Arizona’s civic health needs a prescription, group says

Arizona lags the rest of the nation in measures of civic engagement ranging from voting to following the news to participating in community group. The report from the Center for the Future of Arizona said the problem of low voter turnout is especially acute in rural areas of the state.... Read more»2

Drug take-back day tackles prescription drug dangers

25 percent of Arizona 12th-graders are abusing prescription drugs — twice the national average. This Saturday, on Take-Back Day, Arizonans can anonymously drop off any old prescription drugs.... Read more»0

Proposition 107

Opportunity vs. preferential treatment center of Prop. 107 debate

Proposition 107 seeks to amend the Arizona Constitution to ban state government and municipalities from giving preferential treatment on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnicity or national origin. This includes everything from state-funded programs that help women and minorities in areas where there is a disparity, such as science education, to hiring quotas in the state university system.... Read more»0

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