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Stories by Reeve Hamilton

What went wrong with Battleground Texas?

Battleground Texas launched in January 2013 with the goal of turning reliably red Texas into — at minimum — a purple state where Democrats could compete. But nearly two years later, on the day after the 2014 general election, Texas looks redder than ever.... Read more»0

At Austin civil rights summit, bi-partisan leaders call for immigration reform

At the Civil Rights Summit in Austin, Democratic San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican, both expressed optimism that Congress could pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.... Read more»0

Abortion filibuster launches Wendy Davis onto national stage

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis has held the Texas spotlight before. But Tuesday night’s marathon abortion filibuster propelled her into the national spotlight.... Read more»0

Cause of West explosion remains unclear

The cause of a fertilizer plant explosion here that killed 15 people on April 17 has been ruled “undetermined,” officials announced at a press conference in the town's high school parking lot on Thursday.... Read more»0

Rick Perry, Dems spar over new immigration rules

Is Gov. Rick Perry's opposition to Barack Obama's newsmaking pivot on immigration a policy shift of its own?... Read more»0

Texas A&M tower crosses gone, but clash lives on

A Texas A&M adjunct professor who questioned the placing of crosses at the school's entrance is now out of work and the San Antonio campus has been cast into a debate about academic freedom and the separation of church and state.... Read more»0

In Tx debate, Gingrich and Cain don't mention Perry

Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich went to Rick Perry's home turf to debate Saturday night. But in an event hosted by the Texas Patriots PAC that was far more dialogue than debate, the two had little to say about their Texas rivals, Perry and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul. ... Read more»0

Perry gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

Thanks to the folks over at Next Media Animation, Taiwan's premier purveyors of CGI-animated humorous political reenactments, many great moments in the life of Gov. Rick Perry and his home state of Texas can be relived on YouTube. ... Read more»0

Jon Stewart has his fun with Louie Gohmert

When he warned of terror babies on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 last week, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, told Cooper that he and comedian Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, could “have their fun” with him. So, Stewart did.... Read more»0