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Protect the planet while playing summer sports

Everyone—weekend warriors and marathoners alike—has to buy gear for their summer sports activities, and that means making a decision about the future of our planet.... Read more»0

Celebrate clean energy on SolarDay 2011

On Saturday, millions of people in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom will join the solar power movement to push for energy reform and raise awareness of solar power’s benefits. ... Read more»0

Easy being green

Five easy ways to green up your kitchen

Buying foods locally—like what can be found at a farmers' market, buying in bulk, purifying your tap water, and reducing the waste of plastic storage containers and grocery bags are easy ways to live a greener lifestyle.... Read more»1

Interactive: States paring back unemployment benefits

Many state legislatures are actively cutting unemployment benefits or, like Arizona, failing to act to maintain current benefit levels. (with interactive map)... Read more»0

News analysis

7 things Americans will lose if the government shuts down

The threat of a government shutdown still looms. The House and Senate are unable to agree on a federal budget for this fiscal year, and if the two sides cannot come to terms by midnight we will face a shutdown on a scale not seen since Republicans last forced one in 1995 and 1996.... Read more»0

Does daylight saving time conserve energy?

Most Americans woke up a little bit groggier this past Sunday. Thanks to daylight saving time, or DST, clocks in most parts of the U.S. were set one hour ahead—robbing millions of precious sleep but rewarding them with extra daylight in return.... Read more»0

DREAM Act fact sheet

Congress is set to consider the DREAM Act in the lame duck session. The bill would provide legal status to undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children provided they meet strict conditions. The bill, supported across the political spectrum, promotes hard work and the notion that you can be successful no matter where you were born or who your parents are.... Read more»0

Honoring our veterans: By the numbers

This by-the-numbers look at service members and veterans paints a picture of the many men and women who have served our country and the difficulties they face before, during, and after deployments, including combat stress injuries and trouble finding jobs and affordable housing.... Read more»0

Green options for the back-to-school shopper

Some sustainable savvy can turn the back-to-school frenzy into an educational opportunity.... Read more»0

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